Whispers of Fire Ch 6 up on AO3

Whispers of Fire Chapter 6, “You’re Who?”, is up on Archive of Our Own.


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch 6 up on AO3

  1. >“Remind me to kill Sharrkan when we get back,” Ja’far murmured, paler than usual.
    He didn’t think Ja’far was serious. He hoped Ja’far wasn’t serious. “Why?”
    “He offered up that toast. Remember? May you have an interesting trip.”
    “I’ll help,” Masrur nodded.>
    Sharrkan: So what’s why we made such a couple of nice, calm, restful months (Yamraiha didn’t even manage to blow up her lab). You took all the craziness with you, thanks Ja’far.
    Ja’far: Die.

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      1. Made all the more fun by the fact that Alibaba’s a different sort of King. So any attempt to head him off will see them taking the wrong turn at Albuquerque. Plus they’d probably expect Aladdin and Morgania to help them with King Wrangling. Poor souls.

        So they’re not wrangling just a King. They’ll be trying to ride herd on a King, a Red Lion, and a Magi… and I doubt they’ve ever had to deal with a Magi quite like this one.

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  2. >Masrur had a slight smile. “It was a surprise, to find out.”
    Sin shook his head, and looked at her with… something soft in his eyes, she didn’t know what to call it. “There are no slaves in Balbadd.”
    Morgiana blinked. Looked at Masrur. They had to be trying to trick her. “There’s slavery everywhere.”
    “Not in Balbadd,” Masrur said bluntly. “And not in Sindria. No slaves. Ever.”>
    Interesting thing came to mind regarding this and your setup of Al-Thamen intentionally spreading slavery, despair etc.
    In a recent edition of the Sinbad manga (chapter 113) the MCs were told that slavers came to the Fanalis villages under false pretenses, drugged said superhumans to weaken them, took the children as hostages to make the adults behave and killed any who resisted them.

    Now despite it being a despicable practice, slave-takers/sellers are still technically businessmen meaning they want to turn a profit with their ‘merchandise’. The thing is said village targeted is quite a ways south of Heliohapt, past a deep trackless desert ala the Sahara only worse. No matter how ‘exotic’ the slave is, It’s not worth it. The supplies for the journey in both directions, drugging and/or guarding the Fanalis every step of the way so they don’t rip your head off etc, no slaver at all interested in his bottom line would bother.

    But what about organizations that don’t need to worry about money and have magical resources? Namely Al-Thamen.

    I can’t say why they would target the Fanalis but they certainly would have the resources to pull it off.

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    1. Actually, there’s a very good reason for Al-Thamen to target Fanalis. They’re about the most magic-resistant people on the whole planet. In fact, one of the reasons for Yunan guarding the Rift in the first place is apparently a lot of the Fanalis were too resistant to magic to take a human form under Ugo’s spell.

      So of course a bunch of evil magicians would want them taken care of!

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    2. Have to wonder if they are resistant to the effects of the Black Rukh as well. After all, back in Alma Torran they were completely immune to the insanity magic.

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  3. >> So they’re not wrangling just a King. They’ll be trying to ride herd on a King, a Red Lion, and a Magi… and I doubt they’ve ever had to deal with a Magi quite like this one.

    I feel like once Sinbad + the Generals realize not only this but that they aren’t going to be getting the help they expected wrangling Alibaba from Morgiana and Aladdin that several of them will start to wonder if this is actually even worse than just trying to keep Sinbad out of trouble. Sinbad will try and shove it off on the Generals/ignore it as long as possible, but eventually they’re going to Make him help – as punishment if nothing else.

    I also imagine that somewhere in the Rukh the people who had to deal with (re: try to keep alive/in one piece) young Sinbad and his Generals when they were still adventuring around are currently cackling maniacally about karma.

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