Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Flowers

I don’t trust him.

Morgiana flicked her gaze over the three that’d come to meet Alibaba in this wreck of an old bakery. Burly one-eyed Hassan would be a tough opponent; lithe and suspicious Zainab might be even more dangerous, because there was no way she’d ever fight fair. But Cassim-

Alibaba never looked away from Cassim. Not for more than a second. And then only when Cassim was yards away.

Out of stabbing range, Morgiana thought. And almost shook her head, trying to sort that with the genuine warmth that had infused Alibaba’s voice, even when he’d told them about Cassim stealing the treasury. Not to mention the way Cassim did take his eyes off Alibaba, all the time, as if they were all casual acquaintances enjoying fish on a stick together. Only those fox eyes creased, every once in a while when he thought no one was watching; as if he were weighing just how many rocks he’d need to sink them in the harbor.

Alibaba loves Cassim, but doesn’t trust him, Morgiana concluded. Cassim trusts Alibaba, but….

“And here I thought Alibaba would never have any luck.” Cassim’s grin at her was a little too familiar. “So where’d he find you?”

“On the road to Qishan,” Morgiana said plainly. “When he pulled me out of a desert hyacinth.”

“I helped,” Aladdin grinned. “That’s the biggest flower I’ve ever seen. Too bad it wanted to eat people. It was kind of pretty.”


14 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Flowers

  1. He wasn’t expecting that answer. It’s just going to get worse from here for him.

    Alibaba has that crew Zainab wanted him to have and they’re loyal as can be through friendship!

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  2. I know it’s probably not going to happen, but for some reason I really want Cassim to ship AliMor. Like, he’s cracking jokes about Alibaba staying in port because she showed up, or something. It’d be hilarious.

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  3. Well that is one way to derail a conversation . . . and also a good way to break people’s brains.

    Yeah that juxtaposition between one loving but not trusting and the other trusting but not loving? Not quite loving? The trusting but allowing his hatred of nobles to blind him to the small facts that Alibaba DID NOT GROW UP NOBLE AND DID NOT KNOW HE WAS OF ROYAL BLOOD UNTIL HE WAS NINE! (Sorry people in serious need of the clue hammer tends to trigger capslock in me) and also that Alibaba loves him.

    Probably going to be a good thing for Alibaba to have someone there to give Cassim the jaundice eye.

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