Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Let’s Talk

“Aladdin’s made it back here all the way from the edge of the Kou Empire,” Alibaba nodded. “Hakuei’s one of the minor princesses, if our info is right. Daughter of the last emperor. Which means that the Prince and General Kouen Ren we’d identified as their Metal Vessel User… isn’t the only one.”

“Damn.” Cassim’s voice sounded oddly light, even as his lieutenants looked aghast. “It just keeps getting better.”

“Balbadd’s pretty much screwed,” Alibaba agreed. “If we let them fight on their terms.”

“Fight smart,” Cassim said, half to himself. “Yeah. Going after the General of the Left with that coming down on us… wouldn’t be the best call.” He let out a long breath. “How’s it feel to be right and wrong, oh fearless smuggler Merhdad?”

“Terrifying,” Alibaba said wryly. “But this isn’t impossible. It’s not.”

Cassim’s fingers drummed near his hilt. He glanced at Morgiana.

“It’s not,” she affirmed, quietly confident. “A person with a Djinn has great power. But they’re still one person. They still bleed.”

“And just because they have a Djinn, doesn’t mean they have all its power,” Aladdin said soberly. “The Djinn are people, too. Maybe they chose to serve the king who cleared their dungeon, but they still have minds of their own. Maybe we could talk to them.”

“Maybe we could….” Cassim trailed off, looking between Aladdin and Alibaba as if they’d sprouted octopi in their hair. “Seriously? You can talk to Djinn?”

“I can,” Aladdin nodded, blue eyes dark and serious. “It’s not easy, and I have to be pretty close. But I can do it.”

Cassim blinked at all of them. “You plan to talk Djinn out of conquering Balbadd.”

“Worst that can happen is they say no, right?” Alibaba grinned.


29 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Let’s Talk

      1. I dunno… Does Cassim lump Djinn in with nobles or with, “Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space”?

        …I think I need to duck.

        But to the point! If Cassim sees Djinn as tied to nobles — hello, blinders. But if he sees them as smart tools to be bargained with… Less blinders, more awesome?

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  1. Yeah, there are enough of them attached to the Kou Empire, one of them very well could have sense talked into them.

    Okay maybe that is the desire to see the dumbfounded look on their King’s face if something like that did happen.

    But yes, it does sound like Alibaba is badly tempting the Dread Lord. Then again, he is a King and does that simply by existing so he likely cannot help it. One cannot help their nature.

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      1. And its only going to get “worse” for Cassim from here.

        *reserves right to give Cassim a cookie after he gets a few clue x four brick variants bashed against his head*

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      2. You see why Cassim’s croggled. On the one hand, Djinn. OTOH – Alibaba. Grinning.

        You know that is the biggest clue to what Alibaba is. After all, talking people into doing things that every ounce of their sense tells them is a crazy idea is very much a king trait. It’s right up there with tempting Murphy and being unable to avoid trouble without running into even bigger trouble.

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      3. Only most people who haven’t dealt with Sinbad up close don’t know that’s a defining trait.

        And that hasn’t gotten around for a couple of reasons.

        {1} If you haven’t experienced it personally, it is rather difficult to believe. Even if told that Sinbad or Alibaba can talk you into the craziest stuff, most people would think the person warning them is exaggrating or that it might have worked on them but they certainly aren’t going to be talked into anything. There is no way, no how. Such people ignore the smirk and “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” from the General who warned them.

        {2} Nobody warned them about the dangers of listening to that lunatic talk so why should anyone else get warning?

        {3} It’s good to have an ace. And it is one that works best when the people being subjected to it have no idea the danger they have put themselves in by letting them open their mouths.

        {4} Entertainment. It is always amusing to see it happen to someone else for a change.

        {5} They can’t explain why when they know this that it still works!

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  2. No Aladdin, the worst they can do is decide that you’d make a much better king than their current one, and jump ship to you. And hopefully Amon won’t be too pissed at the interloper.

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    1. I think I read somewhere that, in canon, Alibaba’s magoi is too low to support more than one Djinn…

      Which means “jumping ship” just took on a whole different outlook. Hey, Morgiana! Want a Djinn to help your firebird pretty punch people? Or if Djinn is truly disgruntled, they could say, “Hell with it. //He// can’t be any worse than this looser.” And drop the Dark off of Dark Metal Vessel for Cassim.

      (Lets face it. Scary as the thought of Cassim with a Djinn is, if the Djinn can have an active dialogue with Cassim… I can’t really think of any other Pinocchios in Magi who desperately need a positive Jimminy Cricket. Except maybe Judar… but he needs a lot more help than the average Jimminy Cricket could provide.)

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      1. Amon does say, at one point, that Alibaba can’t support more than one Djinn. Of course at that time his magoi was in the middle of trying to tear itself apart, so we don’t know how it’d go normally.

        Morgiana is a pureblood Fanalis, so a Djinn is not an option for her.

        As for Cassim… *EG* The bunnies have ideas.

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      2. Amon does say, at one point, that Alibaba can’t support more than one Djinn. Of course at that time his magoi was in the middle of trying to tear itself apart, so we don’t know how it’d go normally.

        Yeah, most of the comments about Alibaba’s magoi reserves are from the beginning of his career using it and as you pointed out when his magoi was in the middle of trying to tear itself apart so probably not the best estimate of his Djinn carrying capacity.

        Also I cry foul on the idea that only magicians are able to increase their magoi reserves via physical training. Magoi is magoi. Besides maybe it only seems that way because most non-magicians don’t have a reason to try to increase their magoi reserves so they don’t. Someone trying to support a Djinn or a Household Vessel would have a good reason to try. And most of the ones we see ARE in very good shape.

        And we are given no indication that Sinbad had an unusually massive amount of magoi at the beginnings of his career. He was strong but they don’t indicate that he had a crazy amount. Which argues that his reserves grew.

        His biggest hurtle might not be magoi but the Djinn he already has. Besides being the jealous type, you think another reason for being upset about other Djinn trying to jump ship would be they probably didn’t ask Alibaba or Amon what they thought about it before trying to move in. He might react better if they are asked first and he can make it clear that he is Alibaba’s primary Djinn.

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      1. You can see Alibaba in the future adding the cavet to the Djinn he’s talking to: “If you want to jump ship that’s your choice. Just don’t choose me. Anyone but me. Because Amon doesn’t like it and I don’t want to listen to him complain at length about you, your personal habits, etc. Again. Once was enough.”

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  3. Poor Cassim, you think he’d be used to the Roaring Rampage of Hope by now! Though Cassim with his own djinn sounds awesome in a I’m glad I don’t live there kind of way 🙂

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    1. >I see “Cassim with his own Djinn” as one of those scenarios that has Ja’far joining Sinbad in a drunken night out….>
      Well he’s certainly no worse than some of the canon wielders and we know that Djinn can change masters. Zepar wasn’t originally Sinbad’s after all.

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