Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Harun

“Your father cheated Sinbad.” Aladdin was staring at his friend, as if he didn’t know whether to lift a disapproving finger like an old grandmother, or burst out laughing. “Is that how you know what to do to fight the Kou Empire?”

“It’s how I know some of it,” Alibaba nodded. “Trade and economics lessons. All the time. I-” He hesitated, then looked at Cassim straight on. “Okay. You might not want to know this, but… I haven’t pulled out every tactic we could yet, as merchants. I’m leaving some, the really nasty ones, for if Kou charges in here and takes over.”

“Oh?” Cassim drawled. “Just how nasty are we talking about?”

“The kind of stuff you wouldn’t pull on the next gang over, unless you didn’t plan to stop until every last one of them were dead,” Alibaba stated, unflinching. “Because that’s what the Empire plans to do to us, if they take us over. They may not kill us, but they’ll destroy Balbadd. If they get going on that – I will take them with me.”

“You will.” Cassim’s voice was cold. Just a little doubtful.

“We will,” Morgiana said firmly. Because what Alibaba had described, whole countries destroyed the way Katarg had been – no. No, she wouldn’t wait to see that happen again.

“But if we’re lucky, and I can talk to the Djinn, maybe we won’t have to,” Aladdin put in. “It’s really hard to be scary magic-using bad guys if your magic says no!”

“Magic that can say no.” Cassim seemed to relax a little, shaking his head at the younger boy. “That’s weird. Magic Tools are made to do one thing….” His gaze flicked toward Alibaba. “Aren’t they?”

He’s suspicious. Morgiana kept her pose relaxed, as if this weren’t something to worry about at all. She’d had practice.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen a lot of them yet,” Aladdin answered. “I’ve seen Princess Hakuei’s fan, and Alibaba’s knife, and a few other things… could I get a look at yours?”

22 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Harun

      1. True. Which means the word, “Oops?” is 1,000% more likely to be heard in some form or fashion. Accompanied in tandem with, following immediately after, or worse (better?) proceeding immediately //before// explosions.

        Though if that explosion happens to be the first of many clue x 4 brick editions to get bounced off Cassim’s cranium…

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  1. Wonder if there would be anything to pull out of Cassim’s blade, or if he’ll only find corrupted Rukh. I hope his diagnosis makes Cassim /think/ about how shady his blade is and the dealer too.

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  2. >“I don’t know, I haven’t seen a lot of them yet,” Aladdin answered. “I’ve seen Princess Hakuei’s fan, and Alibaba’s knife, and a few other things… could I get a look at yours?”>

    I see no way this can end poorly! *Derp*

    Yeah everybody duck and cover.

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  3. Oh Aladdin . . . just Aladdin . . . 🙂

    He’s probably the only one in the world who can do something like and never have anyone believe for a minute that he wasn’t being entirely sincere. Generally because he usually is being sincere.

    And yes, the economic gloves haven’t come completely off . . . but he has not ruled it out. But given the stubbornness of the parties involved, he’s probably going to have to.

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  4. Ouch, Cassim gets a good idea of how nasty Alibaba can get, given Cassim would know what that kind of scorched earth tactics for gang fighting would entail. Plus, props to the king. It might be easier to give a dead noble props then a living one. Especially because Cassim is all tangled up about King Rashid and Alibaba.

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    1. Or physical therapists . . . you need them, it does help but it also hurts. A lot.

      There is a joke that you are not allowed into physical therapy unless you have pulled the wings off a butterfly and burned ants with a magnifyging glass – something to that effect.

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      1. I ended up having to go to PT for a year, and while I can now art and walk without constant pain, I am really, really glad that I had a ton of incentive because…youch. Nicest bunch of professional sadists you will ever meet!

        And it is going to take a ton of PT to get the Kou Empire to stand down. Hopefully Aladdin’s anti-inflammatories help 😉

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  5. Ok lets see here. A= one of most sincere, positive, and kind characters you ever meet. B=object of some malevolence imbued by essentially the Dark Side of the For-Magic (ahem). C=pair of friends. One street smart, strategic thinker (at like 15. What i wouldn’t give to have been that level of a strategic thinker back then) who knows subtlety and enemy action. The other a terrifying kitten of a redhead (thus lacking a soul:p) who can and will beat a small army if you get between her and her Cuddly McStudmuffin (aka C part 1) or her friend A. D = chaos in its various avatars. E= plotting plotters who want to take over the world and corrupt it to Evil ™.
    (A+C)+B+D= E making like the sick dog it is and being put down by the power of ECONOMICS! and RIGHTEOUS FURY! With some cute scenes of C being C thrown in for awws and giggles.

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