Ghost Touch – Friends and Family

“Um. Dad, this is Ishida Uryuu. He’s in my class, and Orihime’s handcrafts club….” And what else could he say, that wouldn’t get them in even more hot water?

“Ryuuken’s little sprout? Gods, it’s been ages. Should have known you two would find each other eventually.” Moving fast, Isshin wrapped Ishida in a bone-cracking hug. “Relax. After dinner I’ll head out and stand your dad a few rounds, let him yell at me ’til he stops wanting to shoot you.”

“…You know my father?” Ishida managed.

“You know his dad?” Ichigo echoed in disbelief.

“Hey, there aren’t that many doctors in Karakura,” Isshin grinned, stepping back. “Besides, I tend to remember guys who kill Hollows out to eat me.”

Dead silence. Karin was staring. Ishida was white. Yuzu was looking at them all, bewildered.

Slightly more immune to the utter insanity his Dad spread in his wake, Ichigo glared. “Are you telling me you’ve known what Hollows are all this time?!?

“After dinner,” Isshin said expansively. “Ah! Yuzu! It smells delicious!”

This household, Ishida thought, mutely accepting a second serving of rice from Yuzu as Ichigo and his father went at it again, is ground zero for a mass confusion curse. It’s the only logical explanation.

Which actually explained a lot about the orange-haired shinigami. Compared to this ruckus, hunting Hollows might be a peaceful change of pace.

Not like my Father’s house was. Not at all.

Ishida snuck another glance at the massive memorial poster blazoned across one wall. The Kurosaki offspring might find Isshin’s dramatic exclamations to his dead wife embarrassing. Ishida felt… touched. And a little jealous.

Father doesn’t have anything of Mother’s around. Not a picture, not a memorial knot of hair, barely even a mention in the family shrine.

He’d give up dignity willingly, to have his mother made as present as Isshin made Masaki.


9 thoughts on “Ghost Touch – Friends and Family

  1. >He’d give up dignity willingly, to have his mother made as present as Isshin made Masaki.>
    Hmmm, Ishida needs hugs.


    Oh gods, what have I unleashed?

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  2. Oh Ishida . . . . agree that he needs a hug . . . And yes, I am aware that saying that out loud would earn anyone a steely-eyed glare and sneering “I don’t need or want anyone’s pity” that would put Kuchiki Byakuya to shame . . .

    Isshin is really fond of casually dropping information isn’t he?
    Through considering it is information that Ichigo would have dearly loved to have before he had take up Rukia’s powers / forcibly awaken his own because he didn’t know any better about Hollows and got Rukia severly injured and all the nonsense that followed . . . , I could understand if Ichigo had the desire to re-arrange his father’s face – and Sandal-Hat’s while he was at it because there is no way that twisty-turny-jerk didn’t know something about this . . .


  3. Well. That’s a thing that just happened.

    And *snrk* a mass confusion curse /would/ explain why Ichigo and his dad have an equal chance of injuring themselves, each other, babbling nonsense, or actually acting like rational human beings every 6 seconds. Karin has clearly made her save. And clearly the curse just never overcame Yuzu’s spell resistance. Or maybe she’s just immune to [Curse] effects in general… hmmm.

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  4. Ishida would love to be adopted, that’s what he just thought in an oblique manner. He is doomed. At least he’s in good company, even if the Stockholm Syndrome needs to kick in on a few of them first.

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