Whispers of Fire Ch8 bit – Let’s Talk

“Aladdin’s made it back here all the way from the edge of the Kou Empire,” Alibaba nodded. “Hakuei’s one of the minor princesses, if our info is right. Daughter of the last emperor. Which means that the Prince and General Kouen Ren we’d identified as their Metal Vessel User… isn’t the only one.” Continue reading


Brief Zpoc Practice Update

…Where did all this paper come from….

All I can say is, the zpoc darn well better not come tomorrow, it’s going to take me at least a few more weeks to pare stuff down.

OTOH, I’ve managed to get rid of a surprising pile of “no longer relevant” papers and stuff. I think I may have cut the stuff I have to deal with by at least a third. Hee.

I persevere!