Ghost Touch – Family Fights are the Worst

“Long story short, when the rocks started blazing down, a small army of people were able to plane shift out of there,” Isshin went on. “Kind of an odd bunch, when they finally all got together and took stock. Some elvish folks, one or two giant-bloods, lots of dragonblood sorcerers… but mostly, half-eladrins and their families.” The doctor paused. “And they called the plane they landed on… Tsukikage.”

Ichigo grabbed his chair, sat down. “They were the shinigami?”

“Don’t skip ahead,” Isshin said tolerantly. “Now, celestial blood or not, they were still pretty much raised human. So soon as they got settled so nobody’d starve to death, they started arguing. Came down to two sides. One bunch wanted to stay in Tsukikage, where it was safe, and only send their best warriors back to Earth to fight the Hollows and look for the mind flayers’ secret cities. The other-” Isshin stopped, just long enough to grin at Ishida. “Well, they wanted to move back to Earth permanently, and train all their kids to take out Hollows.”

Ishida stared at him.

“Family fights are always the worst,” Isshin said seriously. “Shinigami and Quincys have been split up so long, most of them don’t have a clue they used to be the same people. But your father knows. I’ll talk to him.”

“…You knew I was a shinigami,” Ichigo managed, looking just as stunned as Ishida felt.

“Since the night Rukia-chan let you borrow her power,” Isshin shrugged. “Soul Society says it’s illegal for Earth natives other than Quincys to know Hollows even exist. That’s why you had to go rescue her, remember? I didn’t want to put you kids in that kind of danger. But if you got back here in one piece, son, you’re official. They might not like you telling your family, but nobody’s going to get executed over it.” A wry, sad grin. “Besides. If there’s enough of a mess in Tsukikage that they let a ryoka stay a shinigami, it’s going to be even worse here. I don’t want you getting hurt because you’re trying to hide what you do. Or who you are.”

“Ichigo’s a shinigami?” Yuzu looked between them both, wide-eyed. “How?”

“You can pester your brother about that while I’m gone,” Isshin said easily. “Shouldn’t take too long to get Ryuuken sloshed… er, talk to him.”

Ishida tried to picture his prim, proper, ex-Quincy physician father drunk. And failed.


25 thoughts on “Ghost Touch – Family Fights are the Worst

      1. Also Isshin is very good at Bunny-Ears Lawyering people into forgetting to ask questions like that – usually because they are too distracted by the idiotic or outrageous thing he just ended his story with.

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  1. Why I do think Toushiro is somehow descendant from one of the dragon-blooded sorcerers? Kinda has to be considering Hyourinmaru.

    Family fights are the worst. You have to be long time best friends to fight nearly as dirty and bloody as family.

    People being people usually does cause no end of bother.

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  2. Depending on how konso works, Tsukikage might have heritage of anything that can form ghosts. Per d20 SRD, aberration, animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or plant. I’d assume that konso only sends to Tsukikage those of originally non-evil alignment.

    Is Aizen what can happen when a doppelganger ghost becomes a Shinigami?

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      1. *Halo*

        I have read all 4 volumes of Grimtooth’s Traps, I go scouring books and internet for new monsters, and I think the Draconomicon is squee! (Especially the part that takes advantage of the fact that magic rings will resize to fit any intelligent wearer. Any. After all, dragons ought to know what’s in their own hoards….)

        Does that answer your question? 😉

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      2. Have you ever had NPCs hire the players to fight a White Dragon in a snow and ice filled territory on the elemental Plane of Water only for the NPCs to be misinformed, and it’s actually an Albino Red Dragon wearing a ring of Planar Adaptation?

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      3. To be… fair? I’m pretty sure that since albinism manifests somewhat differently in different species… Well I dunno for certain since most mammals are ‘white’ with unusual eye colors when albinos, but I think that in normally red lobsters albinism manifests as a bright blue. But don’t quote me on that.

        Also for your consideration: a probably Chaotic dragon with an… odd… sense of humor entering a combat – possibly from invisibility, Greater or otherwise – by suddenly shouting “Belly Flop!” or possibly “Let’s wrassle!” before using its crush attack.


      4. Albinism, strictly speaking, is a malfunction of melanin production. Mammals tend to be mostly colored with melanin, so if that goes out, you get the ghost effect. (And if it goes partly out, you get Siamese.) “Albino” lobsters are blue because they keep producing blue pigmentation even though the brown/red is out of their shells.

        If you really want some interesting genetics, look at corn snakes. They have variations in melanin and erythrin, and the combinations possible in high, low, and missing pigments make for interesting patterns!

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      5. D&D was developed from strategy wargaming. There are endless variations on rules, especially in practice, but the 3.0/3.5 version classified player characters and monsters by type.

        Ghosts are undead, and Eladrin, Angels, et cetera are outsiders, considered alien to the default material world. I’ve been assuming that Shinigami are outsiders.

        I understand that konso works on Ghosts. Ghosts in those rules are a template which can be used to convert any monster of the listed types into the monster’s ghost.

        Most of the types I mentioned do not need much explanation.

        Mindflayers are kinda inspired by Lovecraft, and are aberrations.

        Doppelgangers are a monstrous humanoid that shape-shift, and are often used as backstabbing infiltrators and impersonators.

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  3. >“Shouldn’t take too long to get Ryuuken sloshed… er, talk to him.”
    Ishida tried to picture his prim, proper, ex-Quincy physician father drunk. And failed.>

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Isshin will be perfectly willing to provide some form of photographic evidence. Hell, he’ll probably provide them even if you don’t ask.

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    1. He probably already has those kind of pictures because what kind of friend would he be if he hadn’t stored up blackmail material? 😉

      Ryuuken tried to do the same – the problem being that Isshin has no shame. So humorous blackmail doesn’t work on him.

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