Ghost Touch2 – Technicalities

Karin scowled; a younger mirror of her brother set on going through the nearest obstacle. “Don’t think this lets either of you two off the hook. Questions. Tomorrow after school. Be there.”

“It was nice meeting you, Captain Ukitake,” Yuzu smiled as they left, scrubbing tears from red eyes.

“Sleep well,” Jyuushirou wished them in turn. Arched a brow once they were out of sight, as Ishida started to follow them. “And where do you think you’re going?”

“Shinigami patrols aren’t my problem.”

Gently. Gently. “If you want to avoid falling into Kurotsuchi’s grasp, they certainly are.”

“I’m a Quincy.”

And sometimes, gentleness is not the answer. “You’re a shinigami who was a Quincy. Twelfth Division would have a legitimate claim on you as an object of study to advance shinigami potential – and given we are likely looking at a war, I have my doubts that the Commander-General would object. If they got to you first.” The shinigami captain paused, deliberately. “If, however, you’re on record as a member of Kurosaki Ichigo’s nakama, then you are an associated member of the Thirteenth Division, and I have every right to protect you. Even if that entailed borrowing Zaraki-taichou and the Eleventh for a little unplanned urban renewal.” Jyuushirou let a slightly wicked grin creep onto his face. “Those labs could use a good spring cleaning, don’t you think?”

Ishida’s lips were pressed into a thin, pale line. Ichigo barely seemed to glance toward him, before the orange-haired teen squared his shoulders and leveled an aggressive glare. “What do you mean, part of the Thirteenth? I never agreed to-”

Jyuushirou waved a finger. “Mystically speaking, you did.” Trying to distract me to protect your nakama. Oh, Kisuke; you still do such very good work. “The badge is a symbol of provisional authority, vested in it by the Commander-General through the Thirteenth Division. You accepted it from me, the captain of that division. Which makes me your captain.”


21 thoughts on “Ghost Touch2 – Technicalities

  1. Ichigo, you’d think you would have learned from that mess with Rukia (and dealing with Urahara) that nothing is free. There is always strings.

    And you might want to listen to him, both of you. If you are going to have a Gotei 13 Captain as your Captain, you could do worse than Ukitake. A lot worse.

    Also, did you really think given how utterly Lawful Yamamoto was that he was going allow any Shinigami to operate completely on their own? Especially one as powerful as Ichigo? And even if he wasn’t, letting a resource like that go when they are preparing for war is just plain stupid. Yamamoto is many things. An idiot is not one of them.

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      1. And at least Captain Ukitake gives his people some free rein… granted, that could also be enough rope to hang yourself if you’re not careful.

        Yeah . . . so either hope {A} Ichigo continues to be really good at getting himself out of the messes he gets himself into or {B} someone manages to get some sense pounded into his skull, or {C} a combination therefore.

        Through if anyone is up the task of B is probably Ukitake. He does have experience with the Shiba Clan but also hopefully learned from his mistakes there too.

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      1. Here here! Madam Chairman, we have a quorum. I move to pass the motion and proceed to demolition — I mean, vigorous spring cleaning — of the area in question posthaste!

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  2. I find it interesting that ‘nakama’ seems to be a legally recognized thing for the Shinigami and the Gotei 13 if it would count as an official excuse, er, sorry, reason to get started some landscape renewal projects when a mime is spotted in the area…

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      1. (hit the wrong like button again. Arghh!)

        They are pretty blase about it, aren’t they? Maybe the buildings get destroyed there on a regular basis so it’s seen as kinda of normal?

        When the Shiba Clan lived in the Seireitai, between them and the 11th Division, it might be more surprising when a building wasn’t being destroyed . . . nowadays, given the 11th Division and the 12th Division’s idea of safety standards, the practice still continues . . . maybe to a lesser degree because it seems like Aizen, Yamamoto, and the Central 46 seemed determined to suck the life out of Soul Society.

        Or the though that since Ichigo’s primary teachers as a Shinigami are Urahara Kisuke and Shihonin Yoruichi, that amount of damage was getting off light.

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