Whispers of Fire Ch9 bit – Stay out of Trouble

“And they’re magicians, so… if they’re watching Balbadd, they might know I’m here,” Aladdin realized.

“What?” Alibaba’s fingers clenched on his vest. “How- the rukh? But you haven’t done anything like….”

Amon’s Dungeon, Aladdin finished silently. “No, but magicians can see the rukh all the time. Not just when there’s a lot.” He shrugged. “But if the Al-Thamen magicians haven’t come after me yet… maybe there’s still time.” He turned an innocent look on Sinbad. “You wouldn’t mind staying out of trouble for a few days, right? So we can write a fate that’s really different.”

“Oh?” Sinbad gave him a curious look, then glanced at Morgiana’s determined calm and Alibaba’s fingers fretting with the edge of his coat. “What did you have in mind?”

“It’s not going to be safe,” Alibaba started.

“It’s never going to be safe,” Aladdin said firmly. “Ugo said it was dangerous. But we need their help. Balbadd needs their help. And your brothers and the Kou Empire aren’t going to come after Sinbad right here, right? And he’ll have Masrur and Ja’far to help if Al-Thamen shows up. I’ll be as safe as I can get. I’ll be safer than you; I know you’re going to go out there and find more trouble to get into.” He stared up into gold. “Be careful? Please?”

Alibaba winced, but nodded.

“Dangerous?” Ja’far said sharply.

“The Djinn don’t have all the power they could in our world,” Aladdin said plainly, looking straight at Sinbad. “They can’t really talk to you, so sometimes when they try to give you power they’re just guessing what you want. Ugo says there might be a way to fix that.”


19 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch9 bit – Stay out of Trouble

  1. Well this should be interesting . . . . in the ancient curse (blessing) sense of the word.

    And yeah, poor communication and having to guess what the person you are working very closely with needs or wants from you is no way to operate most things, let alone save the world. Jeez, no wonder Sinbad has barely been able to keep them at bay . . .

    Alibaba, you are best. 🙂

    Also my bunnies are giggling at the thought of how changing things up and how that is going to throw Al-Thamen off their game. Because Alibaba can think tactically, The Djinn can put in their two cents worth. Their King can actually explain what they are trying to do and why (imagine how much less frustrated Amon would have been if Alibaba had been able to explain why they needed to keep a low profile). And we are probably going need some chaos at some point and if there is one thing Sinbad is good at, it is wrecking chaotic havoc.

    Maybe I just like these two kings working together because I think both kinds of hope they inspire in people are important. People do need to believe in themselves but it’s hard to maintain hope when you feel like you can’t trust anyone but yourself.

    Hmmm . . . I wonder kinds of hope some of the other Kings we’ve identified can inspire . . .

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      1. *nods*

        Yes, a big one and an important one.

        And probably why his people were some of the first to be attacked and killed. They were way too big of a hope spot and/or contained too much hope for their liking.

        Through attacking and killing them doesn’t really undermine the kind of hope Kouha can inspired because it was not like he turned them out or anything . . .

        They probably did that the way they did because they are used to killing the kind of hope Sinbad can inspire.

        And perhaps because they thought they were close enough to their goal to say “screw subtlety”

        Hakuryuu is harder to pin down . . .

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      2. I /really/ like that about Kouha. Reminds me of one of my favorite lines from Roommates (a DeviantArt webcomic, partner comic to Girls Next Door):
        ‘Your powers wane with the seasons and the Hunt must come to an end, but the Unwanted endure. Forgotten. Rejected. We Endure.’

        Might be misquoting, but still… *grin* it gets the point across.

        And on this subject I wonder… is what Hakuryuu inspires really hope? Or…

        I’m making assumptions based on chapters I haven’t read and events I’ve only heard about secondhand – but I think of a line Aladdin has in What Comes Around “Hakuryuu had a /right/ to be angry.”

        Sinbad inspires belief in Him; Alibaba inspires belief in one’s self; Kouha inspires belief that you can be accepted; Hakuryuu… maybe it’s important that he Fell, that the first followed we see for him and the one who Chooses him is Just the resentful Fallen Magi. Maybe what Hakuryuu inspires is the belief that you can accept yourself. That it’s okay to be angry, resentful, and feel betrayed by the world. That you can keep moving forward and growing and that your past mistakes do not define you.

        Of course, I’m just guessing here.

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      3. Re: sightlessraiton

        I can agree with that assessment for Hakuryuu, that he represents the hope that comes from accepting yourself. Or at least accepting your emotions. Because no one has the right to tell what and how to feel.

        It is okay to be angry. If someone has hurt you or those you care about, why shouldn’t you be angry? Same thing with sadness and frustration and any other emotion. You feel what you feel. That is your right.

        Yes, such emotions need to properly channeled because otherwise they tend to destroy both the person feeling them and those around them, many of whom don’t deserve your anger, and that isn’t good. But it also isn’t good to tell to someone they can’t be angry.

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  2. “Stay out of trouble.”

    Okay, so now Aladdin is asking for (another?) miracle. There’s now way this could backfire at all…

    *mans bunker; readies popcorn*

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    1. Now, now, it’s not Sinbad and Alibaba’s fault that they were trouble magnets of highest caliber. And that Murphy is target-locked on them. And anyone (un)fortunate enough to hang around them all the time.

      Through I can hear Ja’far complaining from somewhere in the multiverse right now: “One hour. I left him alone for one hour. One measly hour.”
      Observer: “I can’t tell who he is more angry at. Sinbad or ?”

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  3. Sightlessraiton’s Hakuryuu interpretation sounds solid to me. I think his style of kinging might have been a better one for Cassim: “You’re beyond saving, but you’re not beyond acting.

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