Ghost Touch 2 bits – Shelter

“Aizen knows us all too well. Yamamoto-Genryuusai is old, and… very traditional. It wouldn’t surprise me if Aizen’s plans mean to take full advantage of that.” The captain focused on the young men again. “That’s why I want you in my division. All of you, if you’re willing. You can continue to protect Karakura – and it’s well known my health prevents me from keeping as tight a rein on my people as would be expected of other captains. So if you needed to do something… unorthodox….”

Ichigo’s eyes narrowed. “You know Urahara, don’t you.”

Jyuushirou had to laugh. “Before he escaped? Oh yes. I knew him very well.” He glanced at the silent former Quincy. “I take it that amulet is his work? I’d wondered how any of you managed to steal Twelfth Division uniforms-”

“We’re getting it off tomorrow,” Ishida said flatly.

“I see.” Sogyo no Kotowari?

The young ones are still too new to wish to draw my attention, the double-echo of Jyuushirou’s zanpakutou murmured back. Zangetsu is sheltering them. He says they are still in shock; that they were only whispers of possibility, until the children left our portal into this dimension.

A protective older brother. Like his wielder. Urahara’s work, then.

Benihime is entirely too pleased with herself, Sogyo no Kotowari agreed.

Which meant Ishida was likely to find his goal far more difficult to reach than he imagined. “It would still be wise for me to register you as Ichigo’s nakama, even as a Quincy,” Jyuushirou stated. “We don’t know if Aizen took all his sympathizers with him. If another legal challenge were raised, while Soul Society is already in such disarray – well.” The captain shook his head. “At the least, Ishida-kun, it would cost us time. And I fear time may be all too precious, soon enough.”


20 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 2 bits – Shelter

  1. You really like messing with Uryu’s identity don’t you? I mean turning him into a Shinigami when being a Quincy is like…the foundation of his very sense of self.

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      1. And the Kurosakis are very good at not doing that – no going off and sulking in that house. Ichigo will drag you off to do something (and call you out for sulking). Yuzu will make food and look big eyed innocent until you eat the food she made for you. Karin will kick you in the head if you get too annoying about but mostly call you out on sulking. Isshin will launch random annoyances at you until you are too busy trying to kill him to sulk.

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      2. You have to admit, “Can’t die, must kill the idiot first”, is great motivation!


        As Sinbad’s Generals can testify.

        As well as several people in this universe when dealing with Isshin . . . and Urahara Kisuke.

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      3. I dunno. Sometimes a good sulk is in order.

        Now, constant sulking is indeed a problem. And having someone show up at your favorite sulking spot to “enjoy the view” — and provide a sounding board for sanity — is always of The Good.

        …however, Ichigo’s idea of “enjoying the view” will probably involve explosions. //If// Ishida is lucky.

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  2. You mean Sandal-Hat saw an opportunity for benefit and science! and took ruthless advantage of it immediately? I am just shocked. Shocked I tell you.

    And yeah, Benihime being amused generally isn’t a good sign for a easy fix. I mean, her name means Crimson Princess and Urahara said she’s “not nice.”

    One might suggest checking over Ichigo’s other friends for . . . additions . . .

    Hey, maybe the closer scrutiny means they can pre-empt that spy germs thing of Kurotsuchi that Aizen’s forces hijack so they can have information they had no way of knowing because apparently the heroes weren’t screwed enough. Also it might infringe on Aizen’s God Sue status is he didn’t darn know something. (My bunnies find the series habit of only allowing the bad guys to keep their secrets from the opposition until it it too late to be really, really annoying).

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    1. >Check over the others? What, just because they used the same spell as Ishida and might have suffered the same unfortunate side effects…. Interdimensional travel always has a few hiccups, after all!😉>
      And if it just happened to wake up some ‘interesting’ bits buried way back in their family trees, hey bonus science data!😉

      Though Tatsuki won’t be happy about the very itchyscales growing in (being able to set Keigo on fire she’s less upset about) or the fact that Orihime burned herself handling a room temperature iron skillet.

      Because if there are two critters that REALLY get around in fantasy universes, it’s the Fae and Dragons of any color.

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      1. I’m of the school of thought that, given Eberron, Orihime should be some type of devil. And her brother a Paladin. That said, Fey and Outsiders don’t form ghosts, so there is a strong counter argument.


  3. >> It’s possible to have tiefling paladins, I think.😉

    That is 100% correct, they tend to favour swishy fighting because of that Dexterity bonus, though the Charisma penalty hurts ’em something fierce.

    And in counter to Satoyama’s counter: Outsiders can’t normally leave behind ghosts, but Native Outsiders tend to be the exception to most of those ‘Outsider’s can’t do X’ rules. And Tieflings are totally Outsiders (Native) with the chance for DR/Cold Iron.

    Though that bit about the pan reminds me of one DnD story I heard once where a low-level party so badly wanted magical loot for an adventure that the DM threw his hands in the air and gave them a mythril set of cookware. This was lifesaving later when the party was attacked by Werewolves and the fact that mythril counts as silver for penetrating DR meant that the party had… ‘weapons’… though maybe ‘gear’ would be more accurate… that could actually hurt the Werewolves.


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