Ghost Touch 2 bit – Precautions

“You have bankai,” Jyuushirou reminded him. Remembering a conversation far too many decades ago, with another stubborn, wild-haired shinigami. You have shikai now, you need to be more careful around the new recruits…. “You’re not near Zaraki-taichou’s level of frightful presence, but if you have to use it, you may just end up knocking poor Kurumadani off a roof.”

“He’s not a dragon,” Ishida muttered.

Well, of course not; most dragons native to Tsukikage tended to steer clear of Soul Society out of sheer self-preservation. Though Ichigo’s nakama had probably torn through the area too fast to learn that piece of lore. “You were born with shadow magic yourself, Ishida-kun,” the captain pointed out. “I’m not certain you realize how much it shields you.” And being part of Ichigo’s nakama shields you even from the brunt of a captain’s aura. Benihime had good reason to be smug. Whatever Urahara had done, without that strength, none of the other Earth-born ryoka would have survived.

But that was something he didn’t want the former Quincy thinking about too hard. Not yet. “As a substitute, you don’t have an official patrol,” Jyuushirou stated, eyes on Ichigo. “You are, however, expected to deal with any Hollow close enough to set off your badge. And given Kurumadani’s abilities, if you or your nakama sense a Menos, or something worse-”

“Like that thing we ran into tonight?” Ichigo broke in.

“Thing?” Jyuushirou said warily.

Which triggered a rapid-fire description from the pair of them of something not githyanki or Hollow, but combining some of the worst aspects of either…. “Arrancar,” he breathed.

“It has a name?” Ishida asked sharply.

“Barely,” the captain acknowledged. “They’re rare. Once in a century, perhaps, the mind flayers might capture a githyanki to sacrifice in a rite that creates an undead of even greater power than the oldest Hollow….”

Shared silence.

“Well,” Jyuushirou said at last. “The Commander-General may still be incinerating pieces of landscape when your names come up, but I for one am very glad you are in my division.” He bent down, drew the miniature bookcase out of the pack, and set it on Ichigo’s desk. “And you’re obviously going to need these sooner than I thought.”

“Doll books?” Ichigo slipped one out of the top shelf – and almost dropped it, as the tome swelled to its true size and weight. “Hey!”

“A few centuries running a division – or a clan – makes for very large libraries,” Jyuushirou observed, amused. “If we hadn’t learned a few tricks, buildings would be collapsing from the sheer weight of books all over Seireitei.”


10 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 2 bit – Precautions

  1. Happy reading kids!

    And good for Ukitake reminding Ichigo that he is very powerful. Powerful enough that he can very easily hurt people without meaning to.

    Also Ukitake, I don’t think it is a coincidence that Ichigo is reminding you of Kaien . . .

    Of course Benihime is feeling smug.

    In addition to things working out reasonably well (aside from the kinks – like how those kids are going to kill them – of course, the Crimson Princess just might consider that a perk rather than a kink), I’d think anyone with princess in their name understands quality when they see it.

    And for all their eye-twitching level of anomoly and disrespect for Yamamoto’s authority, Ichigo and his nakama are quality. Can’t help but think there is going to be grumbling about Ukitake getting Ichigo and the others for his division – mumble, why is he always getting the best recruits, grumble – along with the arguments of which family has the right to throw potential partners at Ichigo (with more later grumbling about how they are supposed to compete with the Kuchiki . . .)

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    1. *G* When Ichigo complains about more homework, Juushirou points out Blades of Limbo: Githyanki Arms and Tactics.

      “…Gimme that.”

      Benihime definitely considers people trying to kill her bearer in new and unusual ways a perk. Time to be creative!

      And yes. Zaraki will be the most vocal about getting new recruits whether they like it or not! 😉

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      1. When Ichigo complains about more homework, Juushirou points out Blades of Limbo: Githyanki Arms and Tactics.

        “…Gimme that.”

        Didn’t take him long to figure out Ichigo’s number, did it? 😉

        Benihime definitely considers people trying to kill her bearer in new and unusual ways a perk. Time to be creative!

        Would explain a lot about Urahara, starting with his friendship (or whatever) with Yoruichi. Super-fast, deadly kitty assassin, no I can’t think of why Benihime would like that . . .

        Zaraki will be the most vocal about getting new recruits whether they like it or not . . .
        Hard to argue with Zaraki-taichou . . .

        Through with that image in mind and the subsequent impossibility to avoiding getting into another potentially lethal fight with Zaraki, Ichigo will see an immediate upside to Ukitake as his Captain. In addition to his other perks of not being too supervisory and willing to look the other way if they need to say destroy . . . err remodel . . . the 12th Division after Kurotsuchi’s need for science outweighs his survival instincts . . .

        Through part of me hopes that Unohana will take an interest in some of Ichigo’s nakama, like Orihime . . .

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      2. Unohana will definitely be interested in Orihime. For healing, and destruction. Eep.

        And no, when a kid breaks into your supposedly secure fortress and proceeds to run rings around patrols and take down large segments of landscape in a fairly effective fashion… it’s not hard to guess info on destroying his enemies will be welcome. 😉

        I’m wondering if Urahara discovered the Uncatchable Red Dot Weakness. 😉

        It is indeed hard to argue with Zaraki. Ichigo plans to work with Chad and Ishida on quick-ambush and area-effect spells. Because nothing says “still not interested” like a meteor storm!

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  2. >>Because nothing says “still not interested” like a meteor storm!

    To which Zaraki-taicho replies, “Mine!”

    Seriously, there is a great fic I found years ago with various shenanigans landing Ranma Saotome, female type, in Soul Society facing off against Zaraki with the instruction to hit him as hard and as painfully as possible. She nails him, hard, below the belt and in his agony, Kenpachi gleefully declared, “I want you!” “Keep in mind I have *two* feet!” “In my division! But now that you mention it…”

    It was a very formative look at Kenpachi.

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  3. I like the Spiritual Pressure = Frightful Presence bit. It’s an accurate translation of the effects and slots into setting nicely. Though now I have to wonder if the Frightful Presence is granted by the Shinigami template or the access to shadow-magic Special Quality.

    Portable libraries are lovely, but c’mon Jyuushirou. You’re a division captain: surely you can afford a Handy Haversack and just have it provide you with whatever book you need the moment you reach for it.

    Also interesting to get the beginning of an explanation for what Hollows are in this setting. That tidbit on Mindflayers makes it sound like Hollows in general are a variety of undead they intentionally create. Which is… odd.

    I don’t remember exactly for Eberron, but from what I remember from RAW DnD lore Mindflayers are temporal refugees who fled to the extremely distant past after a slave uprising in the future led to the decimation of their empire. If memory serves – while evil and monstrous – most of what their up to and goals are based around carving out their own little niches to live in and slowly expanding out their powerbase to begin (re)building their great empire.

    Most of their worship is actually directed to the Elder Brains, and otherwise… they capture humanoids (for labor, hosts, and food) and leisure about as the sadists they are.

    Undead are usually divine-magic in nature, so what purpose would be served by creating Hollows? Counter weapons vs. the enemies who use Shadow-magic? Shock troops? Sadism? Or is their a deeper purpose in their creation? Hmmm…


    1. “The book you need” can be hard to define. Better to get someone a well-rounded education first, so they can look for specific info later. 😉

      Info on mindflayers is indeed accurate; but we also know they sometimes work with other evil races like drow and ixitxachitl, who do have a lot of divine magic.

      In this case, Hollows can slip up above and steal humanoid brains without being suspected as illithid agents by most people….

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      1. Ah-hah! On Hollows/Mindflayers. Very good to know. Also explains that whole ‘being psionic meant Masaki was always a Hollow target’ bit from earlier. …Though now I’m thinking on all Hollows as Mindflayer made and wondering if the ritual involves capturing ghosts, or if it requires you start with a living subject. Either way I feel more than sorry for Orihime’s brother… *wince*

        And perhaps I should have used clearer language when discussing magic items. For a Handy Haversack reaching into any of the Bags of Holding while thinking of a specific item you know is in there brings it to your hand without the normal ‘standard action to minutes’ of fishing around that Bags of Holding usually require. But maybe Jyuushirou’s mini-books are better when you just want to give someone a whole reference library to read through at their leisure.


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