Ghost Touch 2 bit – Spanner in the Works

“He was in Byakuya’s mind,” Jyuushirou said, trying not to shudder at the very thought. “He… froze Byakuya, long enough to cut him. He could have taken the control even further….”

“But he didn’t.”

“No,” the captain admitted. “But he could have. He wanted to. Byakuya said he’d never felt such anger; at us, at our laws, at anything that would hurt Rukia. He was a breath away from taking Byakuya’s will completely.”

“He stopped.”

“By luck, and you know it,” Jyuushirou said soberly. “When he realized what he was doing. Isshin, you know what Vaizards are. It might be a year, it might be a century; one of these days it’ll happen again, and-” He couldn’t say it.

“I know what Vaizards are in Tsukikage,” Isshin said flatly. “Wild talents. Shinigami we throw out and hunt down, ’cause they’ve cracked the wall that keeps psionics out of our minds, and a mind flayer could use ’em to hopscotch right across all of our barriers. We hunt them down, and we put them down, like you’d put down a mad dog. ‘Cause by the time we realize something’s wrong with them, they are crazy; twisted up by their own powers, because we’ve got no trained manifesters to teach them.” He took a deep breath, and turned a determined, pleading gaze on his old friend. “Jyuushirou… there are teachers here.”

The shinigami captain brushed white hair out of his eyes, trying to think. To let a Vaizard live – more than that, to deliberately try to train one – it went against everything Soul Society stood for. The Commander-General would kill anyone who even breathed the thought-

“Aizen,” Jyuushirou found himself whispering, “would never expect that.”


15 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 2 bit – Spanner in the Works

  1. “Aizen,” Jyuushirou found himself whispering, “would never expect that.”

    A good possibility.

    And something that you need to do because you can’t use all the same old tricks against Aizen. He knows them. He has planned for them. They are not going to work. In fact, using the same old, same old is probably step up to backfire.

    Also isn’t being too hidebound exactly what got half the Seireitai blown into itty bitty pieces?

    AND allowed a traitor to operate in your midst for over a century almost entirely unopposed up to and including recruiting minions and pretty much getting all of his ducks in a row? A traitor who, if he is like his canon counterpart, has already stated his intention of breaking down the barrier between Shinigami and Hollow. Meaning he might develop psionic abilities – abilities that you have no idea how to counter beyond ‘let’s kill them’ – abilities that unlike Ichigo he will use intentionally on you because he can and you can’t stop him? Maybe even use them to let mind-flayers into Tsukikage?

    Or have you in your extremely long life forgotten or never bothered to learn tactics?

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      1. It will probably help, at least with Juushiro, that he really wants to be persuaded.

        To not have to kill or watch be killed his friend’s child. His subordinate’s friend who risked everything to save her life. A subordinate will be likely blame herself for it. His dead lieutenant’s cousin (at the very least). The one who looks so much like him that that except for coloring they could be twins, and yes that is painful but what would be more painful is seeing that face lifeless again.

        Please someone give me something, anything, that I can use to avoid that.

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      2. Very, very much wants to be persuaded. Because Shunsui would cry at losing this delightful chance to shake up the whole Gotei 13. And that would so throw off their sparring and drinking parties.

        (That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Everyone knows about Shunsui, sparring, and drinking. Yamamoto will tear his hair out and not look any farther.)

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      3. Yamamoto will tear his hair out and not look any farther.


        Probably one of those circumstances where it would be best if certain people remained ignorant for as long as possible.

        Some of them because they very carefully do not want to know. Because if they don’t know, they don’t have do anything about it.

        Some of them because they are too hidebound and will not think about it sensibly until reality gives them a couple of very solid whacks.

        And some of them because their first reaction will be let’s take it apart and see how it works. Not for anything as silly as the good of the Soul Society but because I want do know. And because I can. Nevermind the screaming and the blood. This is real science. (To ask another character in another universe, yes, Hojo is catching. Even in different universes. Either that or one of them is the other’s reincarnation or something . . .)

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  2. Well, I guess instead of making Ichigo part-Hollow, you made Vaizards into something else. Since Hollows are semi-psionic Mindflayer-made monstrosities that actually makes a lot of sense as a translation… Plus you haven’t been at all shy about your fondness for Psionics (I /really/ need to look over 3.5 psionics after this. The Eberron campaign I played in was fairly short and didn’t involve psionics much, and I switched over to Pathfinder the moment it came out and their canon take on Psychic powers is… a little different. Still fun, in my opinion. But different).

    His already being Psionic in addition to Shinigami-dad actually does do a great deal to explain why he sheds Shadow Magic like water, and since they knew Masaki was psionic from the start and her kids could inherit said abilities then it also makes sense Kisuke would work up something to make them less readily obvious to local Clerics and Arcanists.

    Huh. I guess this twist perfectly answers all my previous questions.


    Still no answer on if Shinigami is a template or a class. Though I’m starting to suspect the answer may be ‘race, template, /and/ class’ to explain the variance amongst them.

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