Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Morgiana

Sparks flew off the stones where Morgiana’d been standing moments before, a tiger’s snarl erupting from behind the swordsman’s veil. “Stand still, flea!”

Morgiana didn’t bother to sniff at that. Stand still? Why would she ever want to do that, when she could flip up-


Aim at the back of the neck, coming down to strike

A flash of steel and a waft of tiger-musk; she twisted in mid-air, feeling the edge of his sword skim just past her legs.


Morgiana touched down on paving stones a bare instant, breathed-

Dropped like a rock.

Masrur sailed through where her head had been, striking the tiger-swordsman dead in the chest. He reeled back with a coughing roar.

Morgiana grabbed the trunk writhing over her head, used it to flip herself back up into the air again. Their foes were strong, but – something wasn’t right in how they fought. Maybe switching opponents would throw them off?

Screams cut the air.

The Fog Troupe, Morgiana knew, catching a glimpse of bodies and blood before she had to focus on the lash of gray muscle trying to tear her apart. That ape’s killing them!


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Morgiana

  1. Oh. Yeah. Mess with Cassim’s people. Withe Alibaba //right there// to help fry you.

    Graphic demonstration of Papa Wolf & Mama Bear tropes in three, two…

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  2. Well, this is going to get ugly.

    It was already kinda of ugly. Now it is worse.

    Also I second Morgiana’s mental snort. Why on Earth (or any other planet for that matter) would someone just stand there and let you kill them? I didn’t people were obligated to make killing them easier.

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  3. One must not forget who sold Cassim the corrupting blades in the first place. Take that away and he is fairly low powered. So he would have to make up with sheer will to commit carnage. But on the plus side it is almost a geometric rate at which Alibaba gets will to act when you endanger his peeps (marshmellow or human). And he was terrified before at the thought of 1 or 2 djinn users. So tell you what i just want to sit back watch the golden trio kick butt with some General level knocking heads while Sinbad dispenses some advice at a critical moment. I am thinking it will be a draw that later turns into subversion of enemy forces to the Cause and flambe a la charcoal.

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      1. I don’t imagine he’s too ridiculously powerful though. I mean, Zagan’s dungeon was post Alibaba’s Magoi being combined with Cassim’s, and it was then that Amon told Alibaba that he didn’t have enough Magoi to be able to support two Djinn.
        Given that I assume Cassim on his own can also only support one Djinn.


  4. I’m pretty sure that Cassims magoi was more of a hindrance than an asset at that point. The head gladiator even said that he would be die from it, because the kinds of magoi were at cross purposes. So from that I suppose that, between Cassim attaching part of himself to Alibaba and Alibaba learning to get the two parts to work together in Reim, he is probably at his weakest in terms of magoi capacity.

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