Ghost Touch 2 bit – Reinforcements

He’d been born to be a warrior. A big brother. A friend. One who protected.

But sometimes, even the best warrior needed reinforcements.


With a squawk, his wielder appeared.

Perched on his flagpole, Zangetsu smirked as the young shinigami’s feet found purchase on empty air. Just the slightest lean forward and up, and Ichigo was standing solidly on the sideways skyscraper, only wincing a little at the way his mindscape’s gravity kept tugging at him.

He does learn. Eventually.

“Old man,” Ichigo said with fond roughness. “Figures. I should have come down here first.”

“Instead of trying to deal with Uryuu’s difficulties yourself?” Behind an amber lens, Zangetsu lifted a dark brow. “We work best together when you’ve defined the knot of the problem first, so I can help you cut through it.”

“The problem,” Ichigo grumbled, walking up the wall to him, “is that he’s an idiot Quincy with that pain in the butt Quincy honor that’d rather die than shift tactics a little-” Ichigo stopped, and turned, cupping an ear to better catch sounds blown on the wind. “The hell’s that?”

“Why I called you.” Zangetsu held out a hand. “Come.”

Trusting as when he’d first seized a spirit’s hilt, Ichigo took it.


5 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 2 bit – Reinforcements

  1. Curious and curiousier said Alice . . .

    And yeah, Ichigo, remember no matter what universe you are in, Zangetsu is your partner. You are supposed to be work together on problems. Through in the interest of fairness, Ichigo and Zangetsu’s fully interactive relationship is fairly new.

    And Uryuu with his heels dug in is probably enough to make anyone frustrated.

    Finally centered on what annoyed me so much about the whole Quincy Pride and Fights for their Pride stuff:

    {1} Priorities idiots! Why do you prize being dead with your pride intact over alive?! Survival first! Everything else second! Most things can be fixed! If you are alive to do the fixing!

    {2} Also if you care more about your pride than stopping monsters who are going to eat people, then I will smack you. Especially if stopping the monsters is your job. Your pride is not more important than people’s lives. Period.

    I am not picking on Ishida here. Ukitake and Kaien both deserve to be smacked too. Kaien at least had the excuse of being grief-stricken. Ukitake to a degree but darn it, he should know better than that.

    {3} Stupid, testosterone poisoning macho BS. Yes, women can be just as prideful, but most characters with this type of attitude are male.

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      1. *Nods*

        I can understand dying for honor or your principals. There are things worth dying for and if you chose to do to so, then I salute you.

        Your pride isn’t worth you dying for. Your pride certainly isn’t worth someone else’s life. Pride, no matter how damaged or buried, can be repaired. It is not gone forever after you lost it once. You can get it back. If indeed, you ever truly lost it.

        Sacrificing or endangering someone else’s life to save your pride means you might have saved your pride but you have lost something far more valuable. One of those things – a life or lives – is impossible to get back once it is gone. Getting back some of the others such honor or trustworthiness will be a long, long road that you might never seen the end of. For some people, that one moment means they will never trust you again.

        Is it worth it?

        Just for pride?

        I don’t think so.


  2. Speaking as a guy, It annoys me too. Politicians and managers seem to be the most affected. My way or the highway management style is endemic to the area I’m currently living in!


    1. *nods*

      Flexibility is a must. Because you can’t predict or prepare for everything. Eventually something is going to happen that you didn’t account for.

      Some rigidity is good because you need a sturdy structure too.

      Balance is the key. Too much or too little of anything can be equally damaging.


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