Brief note and Windows rant

Microsoft, you lousy rats, some people do not have the luxury of fast uninterrupted internet while they’re dodging thunderstorms.

(AKA was not on last night due to trying to update another computer with Windows 10 having ridiculously huge downloads. Gah.)


13 thoughts on “Brief note and Windows rant

  1. Windows 10 REALLY NEEDS a “schedule download” option– heck, if they’d do that, I’d even let them do the P2P sharing update thing.

    As it is? I’m left flailing around trying to figure out how to AVOID it eating all of my fast internet, much less the barely-above-dialup my folks use. (Yes, I’m family tech support….sigh.)

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    1. I’ve been lucky enough to convince people not to ‘upgrade’ before I’m convinced that it is an upgrade, and that the computers can handle it.

      I’m not prepared to declare the death of Microsoft, but I no longer trust their software engineering judgement enough to automatically consider getting new computers with new versions of windows.

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      1. I’m pretty sure that it is an organizational issue. Their corporate culture as relates to project management has been said for years to be extremely toxic.

        I think XP, the NT series, and to a lesser extent 7 were the influence of a faction that knew how important their business clients were. There are a lot of installations, and a lot of business Windows users with skills that work for the old Windows look and feel. (This new interface stuff is ####.) Problem is that business doesn’t like to upgrade, and doesn’t give Microsoft the rents they want.

        I’m not sure that any business model of selling operating systems with the look and feel of old windows can be viable. Otherwise, once Microsoft screws itself up badly enough, it might be worth someone’s while to put together a company and OS to grab at least the business niche from them.

        Because I have great doubts about any proposal to fix Microsoft as an organization. (Less a dig on Microsoft than on large organizations in general.)

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  2. Well ####, I hadn’t realized that the option to turn off automatic updates wasn’t present in Windows 10.

    What the hell Microsoft? It’s enough to make me want to jump ship to Macintosh. Almost. Because I don’t have the money to upgrade my computer so it’s a moot point anyway.


  3. Ah yes, it’s like they have never heard of the weather.

    Or only care about the customers for whom a little weather is not much of a bother because they have things like back-up generators or something. Unlike us regular people who are often lucky if we can afford to have a surge protector on our computers.

    Also don’t understand their obsession with messing around with where things are in the system. I heard a joke about it that sums up my feelings pretty well: In the beginning was the Word and it was good. Until they immediately dicked around with how the menus worked in Word and it became over-complicated and deeply counter-intuitive.

    Through the thing that has been having snarl in their general direction is that whole I want to you pay at least 70 dollars every year to use a program that has not changed substantially for years. A yearly subscription for the Word Suite – more if you want to be able to use it on more than one device or are a business . . . .

    No. Just no.

    I downloaded OpenOffice. It works basically the same way, generally has the same features and it’s free. My mom’s boss uses OpenOffice too for the exact same reasons – he’s doesn’t see the point of spending that kind of money every year. Plus updating the subscription is just one more update he’d have to do. Since it is a tax service office, they already have to update each computer every year after our legislature gets around to deciding what exactly is the tax code for that year and the computer people can write the update to the program reflecting those changes.


      1. It’s called Libre Office these days. But it is still the same free bundle of Wordcounterpart, Excellcounterpart, Powerpointcounterpart, Paintcounterpart, which are able to handle the filetypes generated by the windowsprogramms.

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  4. Linux isn’t for everyone, and it definitely has its own problems with compatability and bugs, but it gives you a ton of options in how you want it to run. Plus it’s generally not worth it to code a virus to work on Linux so there’s some added peace of mind in the safety department. If you’re not an artist or someone who otherwise needs very specific programs to run that WINE can’t make work, I’d check Ubuntu or one of the other user-friendly OSs out.


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