Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Charm

“Time to stop.”

A strong hand closed on her raised wrist, shattering concentration in an instant. She should have used one of Kouha’s tricks to pull free, but for a moment Kougyoku could only gape, as Vinea’s water melted away. “Who are you?”

“Sinbad.” Fierce amber eyes met hers, long hair shimmering violet in the misty moonlight. “King of Sindria.”


Watching from the inn window, Ja’far stifled the urge to slam his head on the window ledge. The movement would attract too much attention. Even if Sinbad was being a loud and obvious distraction, charming yet another princess who wanted to kill him.

Blushing, stammering, blinking at him – yes, there comes the hand-yank away because “this is improper!” Ja’far tallied up. Oh Solomon, the paperwork… I’m not sure if it’ll be better or worse that she’s already promised to Abhmad. The Empire can’t try to marry her off to two kings. I think.

Though Sinbad wasn’t the real reason he wanted to concuss himself. No. That youngster was lying half-dead against the inn wall, being his own form of all too obvious distraction to keep Al-Thamen’s magi… away from his magi.


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Charm

  1. Oh no. What happened in between the scenes if Alibaba’s decided to play distraction? I know he very badassly saved Balbadd Guards from those monkey warriors. Is Sinbad distracting himself as well if he’s missing Alibaba getting Judar’s attention? Or is he ignoring it to deal with Kougyoku.

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  2. Well, if Sinbad is going to launch a charm offensive, that was probably a good time.

    And admit it Ja’far, the real reason you want to slam your head against the wall is not because Alibaba’s distraction tactic is a bad idea – exactly, would have been better if he had learned full Djinn Equip himself before taking someone who already did – but because you genuinely can’t think of a saner option.

    And it is kinda of unnerving dealing with a King who does insane things not because they “it would f-ing rule” (to put in crude modern vernacular) but because something needed to be done, they are basically making up as they go and didn’t have a better idea. Or think to come up with a better one.

    Okay, that was a little unfair. Sometimes, insane and arrogant or not, reading the flow or not, Sinbad probably does do ‘I did it that way because I didn’t have a better idea.’

    Probably just their attitude toward doing said plans that is such a contrast.
    Alibaba’s is more: “Oh spirits, let this work. Please let this crazy idea of mine work” until “It worked! I can’t believe it worked! Whew!”

    Sinbad, on the other hand: “It will work. It has to work. I done crazier stuff and survived. It will work . . .” until . . . “I knew it! I knew that crazy plan would worked! Whew!”

    Interesting both of them get the same reaction from others: “Are you insane?!”

    The answer of “Probably” doesn’t win any points.

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      1. I always preferred Red Mage from 8-bit Theatre’s version:

        “I see this line, everyday, as I run by screaming with scissors.”


  3. Thought the second: The Empire can’t try to marry her off to two kings. I think.

    I don’t think so either but I won’t bet hard money on it. They are pretty willing to do almost anything.

    Through in canon, they were willing to place your king’s drunk sleep, naked behind in the same bed with her. Which lead her to immediately conclude he had sex with her. Because leaping to conclusions is the name of the game . . . primarily given credit because Sinbad is a cad . . .

    Maybe she just wanted someone to pay for her having to see some king’s little king when she wasn’t expecting it and it hadn’t been invited. (Not that was Sinbad’s fault. He didn’t put himself in that bed after all).


      1. *nods*

        Add another name to the list of people who need to be smacked. Or punched depending on their level of naughtiness . . .

        And now the bunnies, bloodthirsty creatures that they are, want someone to punch him for attempting that stunt in this universe. Especially he knows Kougyoku’s background which makes that doubly-messed up . . .

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      2. Tragically – unlike with Cassim – in canon I get the impression Ka Kobun never really realizes exactly how terrible a thing he did.

        Ka Kobun /is/ most definitely loyal to Kougyoku, but he’s also a selfish schemer with way too much faith in his plans and no back-ups. He realizes after being discovered and then chastised by Kougyoku that he messed up, but he doesn’t seem to learn anything when he is Easily Forgiven afterwards.

        I think this is because his character – and indeed the whole incident – is supposed to be a certain specific kind of comedic. Cultural differences and values dissonance also means that to the original audience there wasn’t supposed to be anything nastier or more personally damaging to Kougyoku about the whole incident after the falsehood of the scheme was discovered.

        I think it’s in character still for Kougyoku to Easily Forgive him, but it’d be nice if he payed attention and realizes – and /thinks/ – afterwards exactly how badly he scared Kougyoku. Given I read his loyalty as genuine I think he /would/ seriously regret his actions and get some good character growth out of the incident.

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  4. Ngl, there’s a lotta good stuff here, but I think my favourite part is from Jafar:

    “charming /yet another/ princess who wanted to kill him.”


    I appreciate the implication that this is something Sinbad has done before. More than /once/. And that while it often works to save lives and they’ve rarely suffered long-term consequences from it it /always/ makes things even more difficult for Jafar somehow.

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