Ghost Touch 2 bit – Nightmare in flesh

Zangetsu’s fists clenched. “Aizen, Gin, Tousen – they are our enemies. I know their spirits’ signs. They will not be allowed here.” Deliberately, he relaxed. “And they would be unwise to attempt it. This is your mind. A visit here is an act of trust.”

“Probably why Uryuu’s sword isn’t coming out,” Ichigo groused. “Let’s go find her-” His mind caught up with his mouth, and Ichigo stared at his zanpakutou. “How do I know it’s a her?

Zangetsu shrugged, and set out on the invisible trail of chill and copper. A trail that soon became all too visible, in scattered hailstones; black ice frozen around drops of blood.

“Aw, no,” Ichigo muttered under his breath as they picked up the pace. “No, no, no-”

She was still breathing when they found her.

Ichigo didn’t blink at hail-combs in pine-branch hair, the ominous bone staff, or the princess’ robes woven with all the hues of storm wind; just dropped to his knees by her shivering body, applying trained pressure to the seeping wound on her chest. “What’s going on? Who hurt her?”

“He’s rejecting her.” Zangetsu knelt as well, sharing power and the warmth of sanctuary with a firm grasp on her shoulder. So cold. “Hold on, storm-born lady. Hold on….”

“Listen to him,” Ichigo said fiercely, pinning storm-gray eyes with brown. “You’re not going to die… damn it, where’s Rukia with healing kidou when you need her!”

“You’ve listened when Rukia healed you,” Zangetsu reminded him.

“Yeah, lots of times, but you know I’m no good with kidou! Almost got us all killed just trying to hold that shield spell in the cannon-”

“I know,” Zangetsu said deliberately, “what you don’t know you know.”

Ichigo froze. Looked up at him, eyes wide. “…Help?”

A/N: If you’ve heard Leslie Fish’s “Hymn to the Nightmare”, you know where I got the imagery.


11 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 2 bit – Nightmare in flesh

  1. *wince* Yeah, I had the feeling that was happening . . .

    Torn between wanting to smack Uryuu for harming someone – it’s not like his zanpakuto asked to be born with / to a Quincy who hates Shinigami – and understanding why he is rejecting her.

    Yeah, for Ichigo picking up at least a little healing kido. Don’t know why he never does. Yeah, I know he sucks at kido but healing kido and the regular don’t seem to work quite the same way. His dad is a doctor, he knows that not everything can be saved with fists.

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  2. >Torn between wanting to smack Uryuu for harming someone – it’s not like his zanpakuto asked to be born with / to a Quincy who hates Shinigami – and understanding why he is rejecting her.>
    To fair the guy has plenty of reasons to hate everything regarding Shinigami and the sword-spriits are the ultimate example of what they are.

    What he needs to accept is that she is not an artificial creation etc formed via ‘infection’ by Shinigami powers but a natural part of himself.


    1. *nods* I understand why he is rejecting her and why he is very confused . . . in his shoes, I’d be very confused and upset too . . . just can’t but feel very sorry for his zanpakuto who is having to bear the brunt of that confusion, anger, and upset.

      Through getting Uryuu to see her as a natural part of himself is tricky because he is probably used to thinking of Quincy and Shinigami as the diametric opposites of each other. Or otherwise really, really different from each other – the common origin threw him and he probably hasn’t had time to fully accept that idea.


      1. Given Ichigo’s sense of subtly and tact (IE pretty much non-existent most of the time) I suspect that our resident Quincy is shortly going to become VERY aware of the situation.

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  3. Here’s a thought – is Uryu even aware that he has a sword-spirit to reject? Yeah, he’s consciously rejecting his Shinigami power, but I got the impression that he was temporarily Shinigami before, when they invaded Seiretei, and there were no sword spirits involved at that time. With everything else he’s had to deal with I doubt he’s bothered putting much thought into what the full Shinigami package means… And it’s pretty much cannon that new Shinigami can’t hear their sword spirits yet, if my memory is correct. Which means that he probably couldn’t hear her screaming for him to stop, oh boy. On that horrifying note… I have to go to bed. Yay me…

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