Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Not Knowing

“So.” Sinbad’s voice was stern, but not quite as edged as Zainab had half expected. “You captured Amon’s Dungeon.” He shrugged. “You might have said.”

“I didn’t….” Alibaba took a deep breath, and lifted his head. “Look. That mess with the desert hyacinth. Aladdin got it drunk with a whole caravan of wine. Guess who got stuck with the bill?”

“Er.” Sinbad actually looked taken aback by that. “I suppose that would have been-”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Alibaba said impatiently. “It was the right thing to do. But I was out of options. It was die as a slave in debt, or maybe not die in Amon’s Dungeon. So – I went. Aladdin wanted Metal Vessels, so he went with me.”

“Aladdin wanted them?” Masrur’s usual frown seemed even deeper. Zainab hugged herself; the redhead didn’t feel dangerous to her, but she’d seen the way he threw around monsters like pillows.

“We went in. Lord Jamil came in after us, with a bunch of retainers,” Alibaba nodded at Morgiana. “It was terrifying and dangerous and there were plenty of bones everywhere. And monsters. Lots of them. If it hadn’t been for Aladdin, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Morgiana rested a hand on his shoulder. “If it weren’t for you, Aladdin wouldn’t be alive.”

“More like, if someone had actually taught Jamil Tran instead of letting him think what he knew was good enough,” Alibaba shrugged it off. “Lousy swordwork, too… anyway. So the dungeon was cleared. But Amon just wanted to talk to Aladdin. And then… then he said somebody was trying to close the gate between the worlds, and he tossed us back. We ended up scattered all over the place. I was in the foundations, Morgiana landed just outside Qishan, we had no idea where Aladdin was….” He took a deep breath. “And I had no clue I’d walked off with anything but treasure until I was in the middle of a desert on caravan and fires kept going out.”

Sinbad blinked at him. Zainab felt like blinking herself. “You had a Djinn.” Solomon, why was her voice so rusty? “And you didn’t know?

“The caravan thought they were being haunted by an evil spirit.” Alibaba looked at her, a spark of humor flickering through the numbness. “For a while there, I wasn’t sure they were wrong.”


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Not Knowing

  1. We are unsure if Alibaba and the Amon’s Dungeon should be labeled an adventure or a misadventure. There are elements of both.

    Djinn are many things. Subtle ain’t one of them.

    Through to be fair to Amon, he needed magoi and he had to get the kid’s attention somehow. Which is another reason the Djinn needed to be able to talk to their Kings all the time. So they don’t have to resort to very attention getting and therefore potentially life-threatening behavior just to communicate even a little with their King.

    Through to be fair to most of them, they do get the chance to speak with their King long enough for the King to at least know that they have a Djinn. Through given how difficult getting through one is, I would not be surprised if that moment is hazy for some of them. Because they were tired from fighting and running and screaming, hungry, thirsty, covered in monster blood and the spirits only knew what else – which they most certainly not thinking about, and possessing at minimum bruises and cuts but possibility of worse injuries. I’m pretty sure under that circumstances, I’d have a lot of difficulty paying attention to anything that did not contain the words sleep, bath, and food. Not necessarily in that order.

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      1. And it really helps if that magi knows what things are important! What are the odds that Aladdin knew what was going on? He didn’t even know what a dungeon *was* much less why people going into one was important.

        Just had a thought, how many Dungeons were conquered with no magi present? I think it’s none, zip, zero, zilch. So, strange thoughts and half thinking of neurochemistry clogging my brain here, maybe having a magi in the Dungeon makes it survivable. Like, the magi takes it off, not lethal because Dungeons are still lethal, but maybe, off of God Mode Difficulty, and just onto Inhuman.

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  2. Oh my goodness, thank you Zainab for listening and being sensible. If we are very, very fortunate than Cassim will eventually listen to you when you kidney-stab him with a clue-shiv.

    And Sinbad and Masrur, you can start being impressed now. Well, Sinbad can anyways. Masrur’ll probably just nod and grunt respectfully/appreciatively in tough-guy respect of the worthy. (Personal head-canon? With another tough guy type like himself those grunts, nods, and expressions are their own eloquent language. Even under a language barrier Masrur’ll and Teal’c would be able to understand each other perfectly the same way the other Djinn can perfectly understand Ugo’s gestures.)

    Oooh. And now that Sinbad’s listening and some of the other crappy circumstances are through his head I wonder what he makes of a Saluja as a Dungeon Conqueror?

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      1. /Yes/ (ngl, in a Marvel Comics tabletop I run I have almost literally had this happen between Captain America, the Punisher, and Wolverine).

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      2. It happened when we ran through an altered version of Civil War (y’know, one where everyone stayed in character and the writer didn’t just soapbox).

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