Earring Tales: Violet Twilight

Let’s just say last night was not the calmest. So, some purply shinies.

violet-twilight-blogI really like gradations in color. The only problem is that I’ve never found all the colors I like in one particular type of 11/0 beads. Meaning I generally use Toho, Delica, and you name it, so long as the color is right. Hopefully this at least makes for interesting textures.

With this one I was trying to approach the effect of some sunsets down on the Gulf. Sky shading from pale blue to dark, with light catching on some clouds and turning them more purple and violet; the silver beads for the bits of cloud that still look gray.

Any thoughts?



10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Violet Twilight

  1. Serene. I really like the subtle color and texture change.

    I hope your week improves dramatically. (Although a small part of me is wondering…if chaos prompts such a lovely response, is it really a completely bad?)


    1. The problem is that chaos really doesn’t do my earring-making or writing any good at all. I actually made this several weeks ago. I posted it now because the chaos flattened my writing bunnies, and I’m trying to give them a little time to recover. 🙂


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