Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Over his head

“In over his head?”

Zainab jumped, and saw a few other thieves turn pale. She’d dealt with quiet robbers. Even Alibaba could be sneaky when he tried. The Sindrian minister Ja’far was a ghost.

“Is Aladdin okay?” Alibaba pounced, apparently not at all fazed by dealing with a white-haired bundle of silent death.

And he’s not. Zainab looked at her cup, and wondered if the blond had had too much wine, or not enough. But he faced down Cassim, too.

“He’s still asleep,” Ja’far reported, gray gaze flickering to his king for just a moment. “How is he in over his head? Besides….”

Alibaba waved off whatever the white-haired menace didn’t say. “When I met him, he didn’t know that food might belong to somebody else. Or what they might do to him for eating it.”

Zainab’s thoughts screeched to a bewildered halt. That was… no way… come on, the little magician had to be at least ten, and slum kids were born knowing better than that!

Hassan snorted, helping one of the Troupe finish bandaging his arm. “No wonder you picked him up. Softie.”


“He’s learned a lot since then,” Morgiana said quietly.

Alibaba sighed. “You found him locked up in a bandit den.”



12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Over his head

  1. The Sindrian minister Ja’far was a ghost.

    Well assassins are usually more effective if nobody sees or hears them coming. More so than thieves. Because while people do object to having their things taken, they tend to object even stronger to being killed.

    And sometimes people who have assassins sent after them have bodyguards that require sneaking past so avoid the problem of your target getting away while you are fighting. Or failing because you get killed by the guards.

    Ja’far might be an ex-assassin but he’s found many of his skills very useful for keeping himself and the purple-haired idiot alive. Plus given how young he was when he started his training, he probably learned to move silently like most kids learn to walk and run. Might take conscious effort even today for him to make noise when he moves.

    not at all fazed by dealing with a white-haired bundle of silent death.

    Oh he’s not fazed. Through if you think he doesn’t find Ja’far very scary, then you are crazy.

    Probably helps that he’s met Ja’far already in this story and therefore had his first moment of eep!

    And that he hasn’t, to my knowledge, seen Ja’far fight. Yet. Because I’m betting the hearing it about in the Sinbad stories and seeing it are very different.

    Re: Aladdin

    Yeah . . . *facepalm* Aladdin definitely needs a minder. Good thing he found one.

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    1. Good thing he found one.

      It’s a good thing Aladdin of current canon is more worldly, since he’s now too tall for Alibaba to pick up and cart away under one arm like a bundle of hazard-prone twigs.

      While wailing, usually.

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      1. …Pick him up and hold him over his head like a hazard-prone log? (The bridal carry is Morg’s area.)

        Or over one shoulder. (Think Shrek carrying Fiona in the first movie)

        Or the braid of his makes a very convenient leash.

        Or just ask Morgiana to get him out of there whenever the situation calls for it – using her own judgement for when that is. She agrees.

        He doesn’t count on her including him in that agreement until the day she unceremoniously picks them both up and proceeds to put as much space between them and the current mess as a Fanalis can manage.

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  2. “Ja’far was a ghost”

    I’m sure Ja’far is one of those who if he wants to make noise he has to work at it, but I’m bet he’s putting the skills to use here partially because if the thieves are focused on him, they’re less focused on Sinbad and/or ‘he’s really good at sneaky, is he an assassin? If this is what the minister is like what is the rest of Sinbad’s crew like?’ As well as ‘He can sneak up on us, double crossing Sinbad might be a bad idea.’

    Subtle intimidation I suppose? Though I could be reading way too much into his motivations too. ^^;

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      1. It’s the little things that get you through the day (and through the stress of whatever Sinbad’s latest shenanigans are).


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