Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Laying Blame Properly

“That crazy magi knows you,” Zainab flung at Sinbad, deliberately ignoring redheaded and snow-haired death by his sides. “You’re the reason he’s here. So it’s your fault he grabbed the Boss. If that psycho knew about Alibaba’s other brothers – that princess wouldn’t have let him get away. She would have taken him, over your dead bodies.” Sorry, kid, Zainab thought, hearing the whispers as those few in the Fog Troupe who didn’t know finally got clued in on who Merhdad really was. We both know it’s true. Kou gets their hands on you, you’re a hostage.

Masrur folded his arms. “Not easily.”

Some of the color had come back to Alibaba’s face. “But if they don’t want to start a war with the Seven Seas Alliance – you’re not ready to fight them, either,” he concluded. “So what are you planning?”

A masterful upward flick of violet brows. “What are we planning? Well-”

“Not we. You. Cassim’s Fog Troupe business.” Alibaba got the words out like they hurt him. “I’ll help, but-”

“You’re leading us,” Zainab snapped. “I don’t care if the Boss won’t like it. We need him back, in one piece – and you’re the one who can make it happen. The Boss can scream and throw things at us later. If he had his head on straight he’d know we need a plan. And your plans work.”

Alibaba swallowed. “Not always.”

“Then you make this one work.” She stalked across the room to thump his shoulder, picking the one that didn’t have a bruise. “Go check on your friend. And get those wounds clean. We’ve got questions for the guy who knows the magi.”


17 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch10 bit – Laying Blame Properly

  1. Sinbad, that was a clue not to push it.

    (And depending on how you push it, your Generals might be inclined to let the Fog Troupe thump you a little. Only a little. Because killing him remains their privilege.)

    Through I’d say it is a bit unfair to blame Sinbad for Jubal’s doing. I’m pretty sure that regardless of how he met him, said crazy magi would have found Cassim way too interesting to pass up. Yes, there is a possibility that if Sinbad had stayed in Sindria that he’d have never noticed Cassim but a possibility is not certainty.

    And regardless of how he came to his attention, it is still Jubar’s decision to take off with Cassim. So I’d say that it is Jubar’s fault. Or alternatively Al-Thamen’s fault.

    Sinbad does quite enough that he can be fully blamed for without being saddled with the results of someone’s decisions.

    (That might have my personal peeves against guilt by association and misplaced blame talking – if the person did the thing entirely of their own free will, then blame that person!)

    Of course, this just might be because she is upset and Sinbad is here while the crazy magi is not.

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      1. Thinking about it, if this keeps up, Ja’far might be willing to look at some of the annoyed people and say “You have one hit, nothing lethal or disabling.”

        Sinbad may have been a little too clever this time…

        Probably what happens when someone has to do too much maneuvering for too long to get things accomplished . . . because between doing the merchant stuff, founding his kingdom and all the headaches that must have entailed, and getting people to help against Al-Thamen when most refuse to believe they even exist, he’s probably had to do a lot of it.

        Also I think they lost Rururumu (sp?) and Rashid far too soon. They were good at getting things through that thick skull.

        Through if David already has his claws in Sinbad, that might be another part of the problem.

        What a mess.

        Sinbad, you don’t have to resort to trickery to get Alibaba to help with Al-Thamen and reasonable requests. He is concerned with Balbadd, yes, but not at the expense of the whole world. For once, you have someone who isn’t one of your Generals that isn’t telling you that the world-destroying baddies are a figment of your imagination. Honesty might be the best policy in this instance (don’t hit him with everything at once but the truth will go further with Alibaba).

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      1. *G* Also a Djinn of Sincerity, which Alibaba is definitely a match for! Hurray for worst-case scenarios being tossed out the window! *Three cheers!*

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  2. At least she’s showing she cares by choosing the arm without a bruise. And if Cassim throws a fit well his crew will be there to hit him with a couple clue hammers.

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  3. I continue to thank Zainab for being a bastion of sanity… well, that and knowing when crazy is needed and carefully picking who she can trust.

    Also, asking Sinbad ‘questions’ while Masrur and Jafar are there? After sending away the only friend of yours with a Djinn? I believe our Sindrian friends are at this point all thinking ‘Ah, this one’s got guts. And is very clearly Cassim’s second.’

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