Whispers of Fire Ch 9 up on AO3

Whispers of Fire Chapter 9, The definition of stress, is up on Archive Of Our Own.

…I’ve been told I am Evil.

Really, it took people this long to figure it out? *Halo*


10 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch 9 up on AO3

  1. Not as evil as my management! they’re like Judar save instead of War; Profit! One guy for an entire shift on a Friday! You see, regs for my company recommend 3, 2 if it’s supposed to be slow. Friday IS NOT A SLOW DAY!!


  2. >The definition of stress>
    In which Alibaba’s blood pressure is probably getting just a bit high, Morgiana plays with the kitty toy/springy hair spike while sitting on her King, Aladdin is setting up one heck of a game changer, Judar is a massive conflict-igniting troll of a Magi, Zainab tries to be the voice of reason and something just went ‘twang/snap/crack’ in Cassim’s brain.

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      1. Speaking of dignity/the lack thereof and relationships, haven’t seen it mentioned here but The Ancient Magus’ Bride/Mahou Tsukai no Yome (awesome manga, I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy in any way, shape or form) is getting a three episode prequel anime.

        The PV has been out for a bit (search for The Ancient Magus bride – Mahou Tsukai no Yome PV) along with chrunchyroll (and other sites) streaming the first episode.

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      2. On the subject of Bride of the Ancient Magus, haven’t read or watched it, but the animation samples I’ve seen from the trailers look freaking /gorgeous/.


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