Fluffy bunny – Akatsuki no Yona/SG-1

Sometimes the bunnies just want fluff. Meaning they give me odd images like this:

SG-1 and the Happy Hungry Bunch, both hiding from the authorities in an alley.

It’s not big enough for the both of them….

One image is a spider dropping down in front of Kija. Whose eyes promptly cross staring at it, as he breaks out in sweat.

Hak trying not to facepalm.

Yona carefully sneaking through the press, stepping up on someone’s knee in the process, and snatching the spider. Cue look of relief from Kija.

…Promptly turning to eep-grimace, as Yona feeds the spider to Ao.

Jack and Daniel both trying to figure out who these guys could be, given Daniel’s picking out something like five different clothing styles in the bunch and what they’ve seen of the world so far means this has to be a multi-regional group. Which, in this tech level, very odd!

Teal’c and Shina: …..

Sam’s the most likely one to figure out Shina’s mask doesn’t have eyeholes. Though she may be distracted by Jaeha smiling at her.

And I could see Zeno smothering a laugh, and rolling his eyes at Jack to get him in on the joke of how silly they all look here.

(Bonus if Yun is making the face of “I’ve never seen these idiot Rare Beasts before in my life. What did I do to deserve this insanity?”)

The bunnies, those dratted things, seem to think that the whole in-the-alley part ought to be completely speechless, because they’re all trying to hide.

And thus everything rests on the various characters having the common sense not to start a fight with perfect strangers who also have enough sense to hide.

…Okay, my bunnies have odd ideas about what constitutes fluffy….


27 thoughts on “Fluffy bunny – Akatsuki no Yona/SG-1

  1. One bunny’s fluffy is another bunny’s non-fluff?

    *shrug* To each their own . . .

    Then again I and my bunnies are willing to treat any scene where there the characters are interacting peacefully with each other, understanding is between said characters is being achieved, moments of “you are not alone, I’ve got your back, we’ve got your back, and we aren’t letting you go alone into danger and mayhem” and there is no unnecessary violence as a type of fluff.

    Fluff with a hard-candy shell perhaps but fluff.

    Through they also sometimes like the pure, cotton candy fluff. Because you just want something very sweet and light.

    But sometimes you need that hard candy shell . . .

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      1. I understand that part of American culture was driven by the issue of communicating ‘I am not trying to kill you right now’ across all the language and culture barriers.

        I’ve recent been in a bad enough mental place that Iron-Blooded Orphans functioned as healing fluff. (I puttered on Orphans/Magi. Does not work very well. Even if you ignore Sinbad, and focus on Ali-Baba using an implant to pilot an Amon frame Gundam, what are Magi and Fanalis? I get to ‘Newtypes’ and ‘Coordinators’ shortly before giving up on my confused mess.)

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  2. Secondary thought – I keep seeing and hearing good things about Akatsuki no Yona. Enough that is it the to-watch list. And stuff like this keeps pushing high up the list.

    Not a complaint, mind you. Just an observation. 😉


      1. So you’ve been reading the manga? Excellent! It’s impossible to really write Zeno if you don’t know his full backstory (and there’s so much interesting stuff mixed in!). Definitely recommend it.

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  3. I like it.

    Okay, we can figure out that they are in a city. The city is controlled by people who either know who the groups are, or do not. It is probably rich (or technically advanced) enough to have unoccupied alleys.

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      1. Or Fuuga. They wouldn’t really have reason to go there, anyway, with Mundok keeping it stable. Chi’shin or Saika would probably work, unless you want them to be exploring Xing or Sei, like they have been in the manga recently. Definite need to hide there.

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      2. My bunnies think the place sounds a bit too technologically advanced to be in commercial contact with Kouka. Their opinion is at least the other side of the planet, in a relatively stable and secure polity with at least 16th-19th century agricultural tech (arms unspecified), and a stargate that no one uses. (Either that, or a heavily guarded walled noble quarter, with very strictly enforced vagrancy laws. Which has its own issues.)

        Of course, today my brain is malfunctioning to the point of trying to fit a non-AU Yona to a project in modern Tokyo.

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      1. Oh, I don’t know. Given your Bunnies, I could see… actually, I could see them turning out something resembling “Upon a Fallen Steed” or “Shadows in Starlight” in size and depth….

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