Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Insanity

Alibaba hadn’t picked up Aladdin because he felt sorry for the kid, Cassim decided, as Judar dodged yet another thrown knife with a smirk and a tsk about his aim. Alibaba had picked up the kid because… apples, trees. Birds, feathers. Iron, lodestone. Like pulled to like, and magicians were absolutely insane.

And that didn’t even consider the knives he’d pulled out of palace walls and bedposts and fluffy pillows when Judar hadn’t bothered to dodge. Because for the first few minutes after Cassim had woken up to this red-silk weirdness, the magi had just stood there, grinning, while a shell of glimmering light bounced every last blade away.

He wanted to try the Fogblade on the smirking magician. But that black blade was now in pieces on a table, with a bunch of messy scribbled notes around it that included way too many frowny-faces for his peace of mind. Not to mention gems like nyah, pfui, and linked to at least a couple other things, wonder if they’ll catch on fire if I melt this down….

If the other Fogblades caught on fire and hurt his Troupe, he would slaughter Judar.

…If he could ever catch him.

They’re fine, Cassim told himself, catching his breath. They’ve got to be fine. The crazy’s not acting like he expects me to take him apart, and he can’t be that crazy. And I don’t care how strong the Kou warriors were, Zainab’s smart and Hassan’s determined. And Alibaba was there. He knows what I’d do if he let my people get hurt. The Troupe has to be fine.

“Eh, not bad.” Judar rubbed his chin, sitting in midair as Cassim glared at him. “You’re not up to taking on her big brothers yet, but – not bad. She might like you.”

24 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Insanity

  1. … judar playing matchmaker for kogyouko? *shiver* while she may or may not have her eye on a certain prince/merchant/economic freedom fighter?*shiver* with “just call me Unstable” Cassim? Couldn’t go wrong.

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      1. “Where is he? Where did that lunatic take him?!”
        “I’m guessing over there.”
        “Agreed. Let’s go.”

        Later . . .

        “I know those miscreants were here.”
        “On what grounds are you basing that assumption?”
        “Everything is on fire!”

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  2. . . . and he can’t be that crazy . . .

    I won’t be too certain of that. Through Judar is a peculiar type of crazy.

    But your Troupe is strong. And they have back-up.

    Through I don’t think that fear of your wrath is why monsters and such will have get through Alibaba to hurt the Troupe.

    . . . She might like you.”

    On that moment, a shiver should have run down Kyogyoku’s spine along the feeling of impending doom. Because regardless of who he is trying to set you up with, Judar trying to do matchmaker for you should trigger that sort of reaction.

    On the other hand, in some ways Cassim is a better match for her than Abhmad. Is it worrisome that the lunatic might have us there?

    “You’re not up to taking on her big brothers yet, but – not bad.

    Also if we thought the idea of Alibaba might give her brothers an ulcer . . . oh boy. Well, the sticks in the mud will pitch a fit and fall in it. Kouha will be the most accepting I think. After he fights with Cassim. Because if his sister is going to run off with someone, that someone is not going to be a complete wuss.

    Assuming that Kyogyoku ever even likes him. Or Cassim gets over his hatred of nobles to even think about her that way. Big assumptions there.

    Of course they don’t have actually be doing anything for people to assume that they are.

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    1. And in that time? Just the *assumption* means that, since Judar is blessing the match and they need him happy, they might not get a choice. Everyone thinks that marriages used to be all based on love. Oh, uh, no. They were business, pure and simple, and if you liked each other and fell in love it was a happy coincidence.

      There’s a reason there’s the quote that happiness in marriage is largely a matter of chance

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      1. Yes, marriage was most definitely a business arrangement. And depending on who you are, it is still is.

        I was just thinking that from the point of view of others, love or very serious lust would to be the only reason she’d marry someone with very little money, no property, no official business holdings, and no titles.

        That one court official, High Priest Judar, is apparently in favor of the match will likely not change their view on what the most likely explanation for it.

        After all, I doubt most of them know that he is a crazy Magi and crazy Magi are difficult to say no to.

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      2. Well, Judar’s not the only one who gets a say. But he’s looking at options.

        He’s looking for her.

        In his own unique style.

        That it creates so much havoc is just a fun bonus.

        And who wouldn’t want an alternative to Abhmad?

        I know I would.

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  3. Oh you evil, evil matchmaker, you.

    Sorry, Kyogyoku, both your primary and secondary crushes have folks who called dibs on them. (Or are celibate, hard to tell for certain with Sinbad.) So please take this runner up of Alibaba’s brother! Just as strong, twice as crazy!

    (Also: Yay! No more Fogblade! Scratch that disaster — for now.)

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    1. >>Just as strong, twice as crazy!

      And 100% less likely to sell out his own people. Note, that doesn’t mean he won’t stick a shiv in someone he feels is a traitor, and Alibaba seems to be the sole person who is in the overlap of ‘My People’ and ‘Not My People.’ Basically, Cassim is a male Azula with no fire bending.

      And wow, Nightmare Fuel.

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  4. Like pulled to like, and magicians were absolutely insane.

    My first thought on reading this line was ” considering Alibaba sees you as a brother, what does thiis statement say about you

    Admittedly, Cassim is not really the ‘King Shenanigans’ kind of crazy, more the ‘irrational hated of all things to do with the nobility and happy to see the world burn if it includes them’ kind, but still.

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