Ghost Touch bit – Loopholes

“Just thought you’d like to know I finally took out a Hollow the way you always wanted.”

Above and from behind, so it doesn’t see you coming, Rukia translated. “Was it a night for miracles, or did someone concuss you before the fight?”

“Well, excuse me for not playing fair with something that smacked down Ishida!” he fired back. “Idiot! Why didn’t he tell us he’d burned out his powers? We let him walk home thinking everything was fine; if I hadn’t-”

“What?” Rukia asked warily, as the silence stretched out.

“…Never mind. It was weird.” Ichigo smirked. “Think I got him and his zanpakutou talking, though. Give him hell for it, next time you drop in.”

“His what?

“Ichigo,” Zangetsu called, low and warning.

“Yeah, yeah, I hear you.” Ichigo cast a nod over his shoulder as he walked back to his partner. “Know you said you wanted to stay here, but – don’t be a stranger, ‘kay?”

Wind blew, and they were gone.

“That,” Sode no Shirayuki stated, “should not have been possible.”

“It’s Ichigo,” Rukia reminded her.

“Even so.”

“We’re not in Karakura,” Rukia pointed out. “We can’t be expected to report on anything happening there.”

6 thoughts on “Ghost Touch bit – Loopholes

  1. “We’re not in Karakura,” Rukia pointed out. “We can’t be expected to report on anything happening there.”

    Quite so.

    Loophole Abuse is something to be used liberally around Ichigo.

    Through I have the feeling she is going to track him down later to get the full story about Ishida, a Hollow, and his zanpakuto.
    “What?! How did he – *sigh* It was Urahara, wasn’t it?”
    “Got it in one. What to help beat the details of that and some of the other stunts he pulled with us out of him?”
    “Would I!”

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      1. Then again, so would at least half the people who’ve dealt with Urahara, ever.

        Very much so.

        To is probably why Yoruichi isn’t going to help him get out of said beating. She has been telling him for years that behavior was going back to bite him one day. And when it did, she was going to laugh and point.

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  2. “But captain! However could I have told you about someone breaking the laws of physics (and laws in general) when I wasn’t even there?”

    …Yeah, I don’t think your boss is gonna buy that, Rukia. Even if he is one of the only two captains in the whole of Sereitai who are //sane//. …er, I mean, “who are insane!” Soutaichou-dono!

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