Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Choosing kings

Judar scowled at him. “So who did pick him as a king? Couldn’t be the High Priestess; she doesn’t help anybody but Reim. That crazy wanderer Yunan, maybe… though if he was poking around in the Oasis Cities, he would have almost had to come through Balbadd first, and if he did, he should have seen you.” The magi flipped his braid back, thick baubles of hair drifting as if they weighed no more than cotton lint. “Though maybe it’s my luck he didn’t – you’d be much better for the hag than that grease spot Abhmad.”

Which deserved one of Cassim’s better stares, the one that made small street urchins eep and sent city guards running in terror. Because Alibaba wasn’t here, which meant he could admit… well, things he wouldn’t say to the blond idiot. Ever. “I knew you were crazy, but that’s up there with taking a boat out into a typhoon and dancing in the crow’s nest. In bronze armor. Are you nuts? I don’t know anything about running a country!”

“Running a….” Judar stared at him blankly, then cackled. “Oh, man! Why do the stories always get that wrong? You think magi pick kings to sit up on some gilded throne and make boring good decisions in the name of peace and justice? If I ever catch the guy who got that story started, I’ll fry him. Starting from the toes up.” He dropped his legs to stand in midair, fell the rest of the way to the floor with a quiet, barefoot thump. “Hey, the palace staff’s been trying to bribe us into not slaughtering anybody with cool drinks. The tea sucks, but the cider’s not bad. You want?”

Cassim blinked, and shook his head. Okay, why not? It might bring the crazy in stabbing range. “So… what do you pick kings for?”

Judar’s grin was all teeth as he poured two generous mugs of amber liquid, inviting Cassim to pick whichever one he thought wasn’t poisoned. “Chaos.”


21 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Choosing kings

  1. While that’s why you pick kings Judar . . . . through going by results, it can argued that so do the others.

    Because I don’t think any description of Sinbad includes the words ‘order’ or ‘calm’ or ‘quiet’ or ‘kinda of dull.’

    And Judar don’t underestimate Alibaba. After all, he did survive the Dungeon in the first place. And and there is a reason he has been leading people by their noses for months now.

    Also possessing more raw magoi (because yes I still maintain that it can be increased) than Alibaba or not, I kinda of doubt Yunan would have selected him. Because Cassim has a lot of rage and other issues.

    And who is to say that you have to pick just one person. You certainly haven’t.

    Because with only three Magi (four with Aladdin) and 72 Djiinn and an apparent maximum of seven per person (assuming they can support that many), the Magi would have to pick more than one King Candidate. That’s just basic numbers.

    Also judging by several countries on the map in that world, a good percentage of Dungeon Capturers aren’t chosen by anyone. They just go in and happen to survive. Why is anyone’s guess. Luck, they are just that good, they at least have smidge of what the Djinn are actually looking for in a King, the Djinn decided to turn down the difficulty because they need to know what is going on out there darn it and none of the Magi are leading anyone here what in the name of Solomon happened to The Plan. . .

    Yes, I still maintain there was a Plan and it went immediately awry.

    (Which is why Sheba in my fic keeps saying something to effect of this: “Which is why we need to change the Plan. It has had contact with the enemy and it was slaughtered with no survivors. Time for a new plan. We have tried it Ugo and Solomon’s way. Now we are doing it mine.”)

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  2. Also I’m getting the impression that Judar is not fond of puzzles. At least not people-shaped puzzles. He might love chaos but he still seems to expect the world to make a certain amount of sense. And gets annoyed when it doesn’t.

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  3. O.o For some reason I have the feeling Judar’s “chaos” somehow involves Cassim NOT being a plaything of al-thamen.

    Also. Didn’t comment on it earlier, but I really liked the small insight you gave us into your Judar with his notes on Cassim’s fog blade.

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  4. So, umn. Turns out that in Warhammer lore, there’s a poorly-known lesser Chaos God named Zuvassim – the god of unmaking things, specifically immaterial things like lives.. and plots. He’s the dude who -ensures- that Murphy’s Law comes to fruition, generally in the most spectacular sort of a way possible – but he’s not actively worshipped, mainly because he’ll happily screw around with _them_, too. The god of Not As Planned, if you will.

    Why do I suddenly have the feeling half the cast here has been picked as his Champions without knowing it?

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      1. Warhammer 40k’s Chaos pantheon is not the same as Warhammer’s. I’m pretty sure Ciaphas and Zuvassim aren’t in the same continuity.

        Guy behind Cain has a new book out, or coming out, from Baen under a different name. I’m not sure of the specifics.

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      2. Weird that it doesn’t let me respond to the newest comments in the thread.

        To be fair, what is and isn’t canon for the various Warhammer continuums is in a state of flux at best – at one point they were heavily implying that the Warhammer Fantasy world was an out-of-the-way feudal planet in the 40K ‘verse. (Chaos Warriors could even end up with a Chaos Space Marine as a warband leader, and one of the relics available to them was basically a bog-standard chainsword). Then geedubs went ‘no, wait, that’s sort of dumb’ and quietly separated the two.

        That being said, Zuvassim was like, introduced in a single WHFB RPG adventure in the distant grim past, so, yeah. Still an amusing mental image and I could completely see them being a not ‘mainstream’ part of 40K, too – afterall, Chaos is the realm of dreams and nightmares, and whatever you can imagine does, in one form or another, exist in the Immaterium..

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