Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – The Only Help You’ll Have

“You’re up against magic, you know. There’s nothing a bunch of idiots… and merchants… and thieves, can do to help you now.”

What? Barkakk kept his eyes from widening with an effort of will. King Sinbad was with Merhdad, and the Fog Troupe- they are working together.

“Though if you thought you could, that would make things really fun.” Judar grinned at Sabhmad, and gave him a jaunty wave as he turned to walk out. “Stay alive, ‘kay? At least until the wedding.”

Alibaba rubbed his eyes against the thin light of dawn, wishing he could crawl right back into bed and not come out until all the worried faces staring at him went away. The Kou princess, Al-Thamen’s magi, Cassim missing, Aladdin still out cold….

One step at a time, Alibaba reminded himself, looking around at everyone gathered on the bottom floor of the lighthouse lair. Zainab and Hassan, of course; Cassim’s lieutenants were bound and determined to make it clear to their gang that Alibaba was not taking over. He was there to get Cassim back, and the Fog Troupe could wreak their own havoc on the magi responsible afterward.

Well, they can try, Alibaba reflected, eyeing Sindria’s slightly battered king and his two amused Generals. For the moment Sinbad, Masrur, and Ja’far were their experts on magic. In particular, the annoying fact that a strong magician had an almost impenetrable magical shield by pure reflex. Meaning the only thing that’d stand a chance of taking down Judar permanently was either a Fanalis going all-out or a Magic Tool. And given Judar was a magi, with all the world’s magoi to draw on-

I may be the only one who can cut him. We have to find Sinbad’s Metal Vessels.


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – The Only Help You’ll Have

  1. Is Judar reminding anyone else of that scene in Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Wily Wonka as played by Gene Wilder goes “The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” or that is just me?

    Sindria’s slightly battered king and his two amused Generals.

    Sinbad, you ought to know better than to try to B.S. in any way skilled thieves and smugglers, especially when their leader is missing and they are upset.

    Which is probably why as long as they didn’t kill you or make it impossible for you to fight or run if you all needed to, that Masrur and Ja’far let them batter you. Because you probably have done something like this before and they told you then it was stupid and not to do it again . . .

    Maybe between eight Generals and seven Djinn, they can finally get some things smacked into his head.

    Through thinking about it, reading the flow or not, and being very confident of his power and cleverness, sometimes Sinbad seems too reckless. Not saying he isn’t that reckless and it helps that he has very loyal people who get him out of trouble (mostly so they can kill him themselves for this latest disaster) but still . . . very reckless behavior can be a very worrying sign of something being very wrong . . .

    I might be seeing things or reading too much into it but . . .

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    1. Yep, Masrur and Ja’far were agreed that he needed a precautionary thumping. Besides, it let everyone work off the nerves, Sinbad included….

      I have to agree on the reckless behavior. Given canon, there’s been something wrong for a long time. Hopefully Aladdin will have a better chance of getting to the root of it in this AU.

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  2. “We have to find Sinbad’s Metal Vessels.” My goodness, this seems so much more sane than canon. From the Sinbad tales, I get that he is used to losing his Vessels in . . . unusual ways. And maybe he’s trying to keep it quiet that he did lose them. But not at least sending Jafar out to take a quiet look around? By all the djinn, that was stupid. Things would have been so much saner if Alibaba had had more backup. And not providing that aid, after all the promises Sinbad made to the Fog Troupe? Does not make him a trustworthy ally.

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  3. At this moment i am merely thinking in terms of an RPG. You have just gotten the quest to Retrieve the 7 Legendary Djinn Vessels. Step one search the city (specifically in the highlighted areas on the minimap). …

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