Ghost Touch 3 bit – Summer Break Ends

A/N: It amuses the bunnies that Miss Ochi really is like this in canon….

The neatest thing about summer break, Miss Ochi thought, wrapped in invisibility as she sat cross-legged on her desk, was watching how students came back after it. Some showed up bubbly and tan, after weeks of fun in the sun at greater Edo’s dragon-guarded beaches. Some slunk in pale and depressed, having spent their time off helping their families in less-than-lucrative trades.


And then, there was Keigo.

Miss Ochi smirked as she watched the younger Kurosaki slouch into homeroom, having casually clothes-lined his over-enthusiastic classmate. Nice form, perfect timing and execution… damn, he’s gotten even better.

She barely kept herself from giggling in glee. Her own private puzzle just kept surprising her.

Not that Ichigo knew he was her puzzle. But ever since that unnamed ghost had attacked the Kurosaki Clinic… well, you’d have to be blind or utterly careless to have missed the changes in the young man.

Or, practically speaking, not crazy. Because, after all, faculty opinion held that anyone with hair that orange just had to have red dragon blood. Which, as everyone knew, meant chaos, evil, trouble, and just plain someone who would never amount to anything good for society. He didn’t even have sorcerous potential to balance it out. If his grades had ever slipped, he’d have been out on his ear in an instant. As it was, Ichigo had never actually done anything. Besides stick up for Chad… which no few of her fellow teachers thought was clear evidence of evil right there.

Hidebound jerks. You are not your father’s blood. Even if Yatsutora’s father was evil – and we don’t know that. The kid’s being sponsored for paladin training by the church of Rao, for gods’ sakes. There’s not an evil bone in his body.

Not to mention, if Ichigo had had the hoodlum tendencies her fellow instructors seemed eager to hang on the kid, he’d never have been such good friends with Tatsuki. Miss Arisawa had a threat-to-Orihime sense that had to be seen to be believed, and more than enough bare-handed fighting prowess to back it up.

Though given what Miss Ochi had seen – and her fellow teachers somehow hadn’t – before break, Tatsuki might find Ichigo a bit beyond even her skills, now.

I should just get all of the faculty blindfolds for Winterfest, the retired bard thought ruefully, wincing as Keigo’s next screech hit a perfect E above high C. Too bad the handsome brunet was training for sorcerer, not bard. She’d give his horrified leap into Mizuiro’s arms 9.5 out of 10 for sheer entertainment value.


16 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit – Summer Break Ends

  1. Well, we had to get the reason for why people think Ichigo is bad or a delinquent or something (and poor,gentle Chad) in this universe . . .

    Through they might not be entirely wrong about his ancestry – who knows what lies within the Kurosaki and Shiba gene pools – through I’m guessing something with an affinity for fire and/or explosions . . . possibly more than one something . . .

    I second Ochi’s arrgh at people’s continued habit of engaging in “Nice Job Breaking It” combined with a few other tropes that amount to: “If you really believe it is a bear, then why in the name of everything holy or just plain sense, do you keep trying to stab it with a sharp stick? All time? Every day?”

    Just saying that with the wrong person that kind of behavior could easily earn one a Darwin Award.

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      1. I was honestly just assuming fire elemental ancestry once the hair was brought up that way.
        Granted – the Shiba side is supposed to have the weird ancestry, while Ichigo and Yuzu get their hair color from their mom… So who really knows what was on that side if the family. Anybody know any red-haired or -scaled psychics? …Other than the obvious Marvel ones (that’s the /other/ Bleach crossover, thanks).


      2. *snickers* Y’know it might be a fairly delicious irony of Masaki’s ancestry is /actually/ Phoenix somehow.

        And please tell me you’re not including the entire Fiend Folio in that? Because Dire Rhino /actually/ makes no sense. Lords of Madness might honestly be a better bet for your dart-throwing, what with the psychics and all.


  2. Depends on the type of dragon.European dragons had a slight PR problem. The fact that they liked roast maiden princesses didn’t help.I’m calling BS on that one.Kings tended to treat anyone other than nobility like RPG players treat monsters.Asian dragons had great PR, even gave blessings.

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