Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Complications of Trade

“We need to hit the Banker. Right now, Kou’s using him to tear Balbadd apart with money. If we have him – or his contracts – then we have his leverage.” Whether or not that’d be enough to get Abhmad to back off, though… his oldest brother had an ego, and given that mess with the pirates ordered to attack Balbadd’s own ships, Alibaba feared common sense had left the building-

“Yes we do,” Sinbad mused, a devilish light playing in amber eyes. “After all, I doubt the terms say any funds to pay off the loans have to come from Balbadd.”

Erk. For a moment Alibaba felt his brain freeze up, because Sindria having a controlling interest in Balbadd had to be better than the Kou Empire taking over-

But I won’t be able to buy him off by playing with the Fan, Alibaba knew. And he knows it, and I know it.

Meaning once Sindria had their hands on Balbadd’s rights, it’d be a lot harder to get them back. In the long run.

Give Sinbad an inch, he’ll take a mile, King Rashid had said years ago. Never dice with him with anything you can’t afford to lose.

Damn it. Damn it to hell. If he just had time to think-!

Kou’s going to destroy us. Sindria probably won’t. Alibaba winced. So – everything’s still up in the air. If I can, buy back the rights myself. And hope to heck Sindria doesn’t publically add up the numbers on how much Fan we should have been able to get these past months. If I can’t… it’s an option. Even King Rashid would say it’s better than Kou wiping us out.

…I hope.

It was scarily interesting, seeing how Ja’far’s face wasn’t reacting to Sinbad’s proposal. As if his king floating the idea of taking over half a country by way of money was nothing to worry about. At all.

It’s a fake, Alibaba thought with a shock. He’s really, really worried. And if Ja’far’s worried about it – I’m not wrong. Sinbad would grab Balbadd, if he could. Not because he meant any harm. Just because he could.

Oh great. How do I keep that from going wrong on top of everything else?


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Complications of Trade

  1. Oh bother. Dragon-blood can be such a pain in the neck for those who have to deal with said dragon. And yes, I maintain that Sinbad has a large helping of dragon in his background. It certainly fits his sheer arrogance and confidence. As well as his “saw it, liked it, must have it and keep it forever!” response to anything he finds interesting or useful or just plain because . . . (“Oooh something shinny!”)

    And sorry Alibaba. It seems that since you dodged Murphy for so long, it decided not to rain but to pour chaos and crazy upon your head.

    Hmmm . . . I wonder if the Djinn are tallying up a list of things they are going to smack their kings for and where this, when they learn about it, will rate on the list? Probably somewhere toward the middle because it is acquisitive as all get out and awfully mean to hit Alibaba with in the midst of everything he is trying to do but on the hand, Sinbad had done other things that need to be addressed first . . .

    On the third hand, at least he’s trying to be helpful? His help is another headache and not the right kind of help but at least he offered? (And now people understand why the ingredients for headache remedies are always in demand in Sindria . . .)

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    1. I maintain Alibaba’s problems are a mix of having dodged Murphy as long as he did and being Aladdin’s friend. Rukh: “Oh! He’s the magi’s friend! He can fix things!” Cue torrent of unlikely trouble that Alibaba gets through by skin of teeth. “Oh, he fixed that too, let’s give him some more!”

      Hmm. I think when it comes to Djinn head-thumps, this will rate fairly low on the scale. Sinbad likes shinies. And Alibaba is pretty shiny, and Aladdin is even shinier, and Morgiana is Awesomely Lethally Cute, and the two of them are attached to Alibaba who is currently attached to Balbadd. So… either get them detached from Balbadd, or just take everything. See? Simple solution!

      (Cue Ja’far stabbity.)

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      1. *sweatdrop* Yes, quite. Ja’far, as usual, has his work cut out for him. (Pun entirely intended)

        He is probably wishing he had more than Masrur here to help him because this is much crazy is more of an Eight General situation than a two General one . . .

        Oh, I agreed it’d be fairly low on the list – regardless of whether they give to him by order of incidence or degree of head-thump-worthy-ness. Just something he needs to be thumped for at some point. After he has been thumped for the far more important and dangerous to himself and others things. Of which his Djinn will have no shortage of.

        Possibly a reminder that some shinnies shine the best and brightest when allowed to act freely. (Dragon and possibly the local counterpart to a magpie tengu in your gene pool sure makes life interesting. In the ancient curse / blessing sort of way.)

        Plus it might be handy to have plausible deniability for some of the things Alibaba might get up to later in this ‘verse.

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  2. Dragons are attracted to shiny, but Sinbad would be considered a hoarder by dragon standards. If he’s not careful he’ll go the way of miss Onyxia.(Who’s Still getting ganked by adventurers looking for Shinee!)

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  3. I feel like this earns some of the common reactions my roommate’s most adventurous and troublesome kitty regularly gets:

    Sinbad /no/! *spray with water bottle*

    Sinbad /why/!? *In tone of stunned despair and confusion*

    Sinbad /how/?! *When the bafflement has managed to overcome the internal ‘stop that’ reaction*

    This is a lovely offer Sin, but no. No. And stop that. And Alibaba? Good on you for spotting that.

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