Ghost Touch 3 bit – Adventuring Party

Paladin, Miss Ochi ticked off in her head, relaxing in the subtle pulse of inner peace that seemed to radiate from Chad this morning. Favored soul. Orihime, dreamy and talkative as ever, but brown eyes alight with a new fierceness. Aasimar… ranger, from the way his fingers get bloody every time things turn weird. Uryuu felt even more otherworldly than usual today, hair not just its usual glossy blue-black, but actually glowing faintly blue when the sun hit it right. So who’s their mage?

Because they were adventurers. She could see it in the way they’d casually pushed desks together so no direction went unwatched, the sudden sense of taut readiness when Chiziru did her usual glomp-and-attempt-to-fondle to Orihime, before Tatsuki heel-kicked the rabid lesbian away. The bard could all but see the chain of thought flash across the other three’s faces: Movement. Threat? No, annoyance. Non-lethal tactics only.

And no sane adventuring party would go out without an arcane spell-user. Which left her wondering about Ichigo all over again. Dragonblood sorcery wasn’t the only way to tap that kind of power, and arcane spells went off much better when you weren’t wearing armor….

But besides that – it wasn’t just combat experience. Somehow, the four of them seemed different.

So many questions. Miss Ochi couldn’t help but grin, as the invisibility ended with a near-soundless pop. After all, she was a bard. She knew exactly how to start prying for answers. “Good morning!”

“Good morning, Miss Ochi!” came the students’ rough chorus.

“Now that we’re all here… well, except for Oshima and Sorimachi, they’re hoodlums anyway, who cares… I’m sure you’ll be horribly disappointed to know that tomorrow, we’re all leaving school for a zoological learning experience!”


24 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit – Adventuring Party

  1. Possibly . . . through I’d peg Rukia for their mage. She’s good with a sword but currently is better than the rest of them at spell-casting magic. Kidou magic but magic. Of course to be fair, Ochi either doesn’t know about Rukia or doesn’t remember her.

    And for Ichigo, it’s not like he’s had much chance to learn more than ‘this is absolutely essential if you want to live’ stuff about being a shinigami. Through his inability to control his spirit energy will probably still plague him here . . .

    And why do I get the feeling that their zoological learning experience is going to be both learning and experience in more ways than one and not just for Ichigo’s nakama . .

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  2. “…I’m sure you’ll be horribly disappointed to know that tomorrow, we’re all leaving school for a zoological learning experience!”

    In the Forbidden Forest, I expect? Well, that’s one way to test, ah- reflexes.

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      1. As a reader, assuming there are stats for Ochi, I don’t know how many levels or what build. I’ve vague memories of seeing some builds for bard that purported to be extremely broken. How do I know she isn’t in his power class?

        If we stick to Bleach canon, we have sufficient evidence. Yet Bleach canon is very fertile ground for all sorts of crack fic.

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      2. Plus, she hangs around Ichigo for anywhere from four to eight hours a day five to six days a week — kind of has to, being his teacher and all. And Bleach canon says Ichigo leaks power like a freakin’ colander. Who’s to say she didn’t pick up Urahara level power?

        …yeah, I’m going to go find a nice safe bunker to hide in now.

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      3. Ochi’s personality, going by development here, and by canon personality-power matches, might imply mindscrew hax powers. Which, for Aizen here are because of being a Psychic Shinigami. Someone has to have done some sort of utterly broken psionic bard prestige class.

        My bunnies are pressuring /me/ on ‘Ten Ochi Theories The Epilogue Didn’t Disprove’, so perhaps I should leave the other cobblers to their lasts.


  3. … So how many in the class can mentally correlate/translate that to ‘Today we’re going on a field trip to fight monsters!’

    Oh. I guess Keigo’s right, this /is/ a school for adventurers.

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