Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Sinbad Special

Sinbad was smiling.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“There’s more than one way to get ears behind closed doors,” the king of Sindria announced grandly. “Isn’t that right, Prince Alibaba?

…Yep, Alibaba managed to think, frozen. It’s bad.

He didn’t want to think about it. Not the palace he’d been locked up in most of three years; not the people who’d cared – or hadn’t – about the street-grubby interloper in their midst. Even touching the edges of the idea of I’ll have to go in there to get Cassim made Alibaba want to flinch. Being a prince had turned his whole life upside-down and inside-out, and the moment he’d tried to bridge his two worlds….

Disaster. Death. If I go back there, I’ll just screw everything up. Again.

But they were running out of options, and out of time.

I don’t want to tear up anyone else’s life. But if Kou wins here… people in the palace will either be with them, or dead.

And Alibaba knew at least one man who would never be with the Empire. He hoped. “Is Barkakk still General of the Right?”

“He is,” Ja’far stated. And didn’t quite roll his eyes at Sinbad’s interested look. “You didn’t think I’d let you get this far without making sure there was at least one person in charge of the palace guards who’d be willing to overlook your Vessels when Abhmad tried to throw us in a bottomless chasm, did you?”

Masrur lifted an interested brow, as Sinbad perked up. “Since when does Balbadd have a bottomless chasm?”

“They’d dig one for you,” Ja’far said dryly.


12 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch11 bit – Sinbad Special

  1. I’m really getting the impression from Ja’far that somebody’s already dug a bottomless chasm or pit just for Sinbad and Balbadd doing it would just be a repeat.

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  2. Me and Alibaba were of one mind for a moment there. Because my first thought upon reading the first sentence of this fic bit was to go “Oh no.”

    Regardless of who actually gets to be charge or what when all is said and done the government of Balbadd is, Alibaba does need to accept that part of him is Prince Alibaba. That the prince is just as much as a part of him of as street urchin and the caravan driver. And ignoring pieces of yourself does not make them go away. And can do you serious harm. Plus I know there were parts of those three years he’d rather not throw away and pretend never happened. Just like there are parts from the other periods in his life that he would never throw away.

    “They’d dig one for you,” Ja’far said dryly.

    They might give it serious consideration . . . or maybe not. How far down is the water table in the City of Balbadd? Is it city at, above or below sea level? Do sink holes like to randomly swallow parts of the city?

    But I’m sure someone who figure out another death trap to throw Sinbad in. They always do.

    And Ja’far, you do realize that now some of part of your idiot is going to be looking for somewhere with a bottomless pit? Because at the very least he has to see if it is actually bottomless or just really, really deep . . .

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    1. Don’t worry, I have a death trap ready for him soon. 😉

      And yes, the prince is just as valid as the caravan driver; just trying to forget didn’t change that. It’s his self-image that is the tricky part. I’m not sure Alibaba ever grasped “yes, I am a prince” the way most people expected.

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      1. I think he eventually recognized it, it’s just that he sees it more as a mark against him than anything else.

        Being a prince others him without making him actually a part of the nobility it ties him to. It makes him an outsider in the home he had and he continued to be an outsider in the home it /could/ have meant and all it ever did was cost him those he loved.

        For all that Rashid was an odd duck even by the standards of Balbadd’s nobility – never mind the nobility of other regions – I really don’t think Rashid ever truly understood what he asked of his youngest son.

        Nevermind that I suspect that Ahbmad was the only son that /didn’t/ have some kind of anxiety disorder. Alibaba is less crippled by his than Sahbmad, but I definitely think it is there. It’s hard to even say that Alibaba’s would be/is less severe than Sahbmad’s, Alibaba was just put in a situation at a young age where he /had/ to work past it to survive. And now he meets Sinbad, who would probably have trouble grokking anxiety in a setting where anxiety disorders were properly understood.

        Bah, I’ve gotten off topic. The point ia that I think Alibaba /has/ internalized his identity as a prince, but he represses it like most people do traumatic events. Because all it’s ever brought is trauma.

        Heh. /There’s/ an extra happy layer of irony on top of Cassim’s resentment.

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  3. I’m hoping for the classic Indiana Jones Stone boulder trap! They’re a cast iron pain to get working right,but I’m certain some of Sinbad’s antagonists would contribute a few tons of gold.If nothing else just on the hope that it will stick this time!

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  4. Doubt they’d have to dig a chasm. Sinbad digs his own often enough, if only to play hopscotch over them. Other people (who are probably trying to chase and strangle him) aren’t always so lucky.

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