Ghost Touch 3 bit – Oops

Not even a glance up. Not good. Ichigo stifled an urge to ruffle her hair as he would Karin’s; Tatsuki would take his arm off at the elbow for trying. Though he was beginning to think one of Tatsuki’s rare berserker rages might be infinitely preferable to this… listlessness. “Orihime’s trying to get Ishida to admit he wants to come up here,” Ichigo warned her, hearing Chad step softly onto the roof. “Probably be another minute before she gives up and lets him follow her.”

“…Right.” Tatsuki did look up then, trying to paste a smile on her face. And failing.

Ichigo traded a glance with Chad. “Okay, who’re the bastards that jumped you, and when can we help you go grind them into the pavement?”

That almost got a smile, before the hopeless brown gaze fell back to the roof. “Kagine kicked me out of the mage-hunter program.”

“He what?!?” Ichigo saw red. “Son of a- We’re going to stand that muscle-bound idiot on his head, Chad.”

“Hmm,” the half-orc nodded.

“Let’s grab Mizuiro,” Ichigo growled on, “he’s always practicing how to tie things up, he ought to have enough sticky-charm tape to plaster Kagine to the locker room ceiling-”

“He had to.” Tatsuki swallowed hard, as Orihime and a reluctant Ishida came into view, followed close by a bemused Mizuiro and a still-incredulous Keigo. “You can’t have magic and be in the training. And since nobody knows how I got it, or how to get rid of it….”


22 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit – Oops

    1. Well, maybe he was involved in causing the birth of Ichigo in this setting. (Canon, Aizen caused Isshin to meet Masaki, and Urahara kept her alive, and tied them together.)


  1. It’s either another complication courtesy of Sandal-Hat or Ichigo’s power being like cat fur . . .

    “You can’t have magic and be in the training.

    Guess they don’t trust anyone with magic to hunt down people who do bad with magic.

    Which, because my bunnies are a suspicious lot, makes me wonder if there is another reason besides mistrust that they don’t. Maybe sometimes hunters are sent after mages who haven’t done anyone harm but have pissed important people off. Not saying they do, just that some of my bunnies are very cynical.

    Also me and my bunnies are rooting for Tatsuki to say “You know what, program or no program, magic or no magic, I am going to hunt bad mages. So there!”

    Ichigo and the rest of the nakama can be her back-up.

    Besides Aizen just might bring in rogue mages . . .

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    1. Alternately, perhaps the issue is “jamming,” so to speak – having an active magic user in the group when you’re trying to use sensitive devices and tools to track another magic user, perhaps by some form of emissions, would likely not work well.

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  2. “Let’s grab Mizuiro,” Ichigo growled on, “he’s always practicing how to tie things up, he ought to have enough sticky-charm tape to plaster Kagine to the locker room ceiling-”

    …so, should I assume Mizuiro has similar pastimes in this universe as canon, then? 😛

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  3. Aw. Poor Tatsuki.

    To be fair there are plenty of ways to train as an anti-mage combatant and tracker in 3.xs various incarnations… but that would mean starting over from scratch in some cases. Never mind that operating as ‘the unique one’ in a core of people given standardized training… Well there are reasons small force training is usually standardized.

    Still, being the anti-mage in the party might actually make this… Squad? Platoon? …Team. I’m gonna go with team for now… much scarier. I mean- Ochi gave an excellent summary earlier… But:

    Ichigo as melee damage dealer + secondary tank + wide area destruction.

    Chad as front line tank and targeted damage dealer + secondary healer (pallys are just so /fun/ with their lay on hands and smite evil in their full plate!)

    Rukia as mid-range spell blade. (Probably a focus on hit-and-run tactics she perfected in her childhood as a street urchin/thief. And all that Ice has lovely environmental affect potential.)

    Orihime is probably sitting on the next line as primary healer with occasional divine blasting.

    And beside Orihime (though tactically he really should be rear-guard. Buuut that probably makes him feel like he’s hiding behind Orihime and so he’d insist on sharing a battle line with her) Ishida as party ranged damage dealer/Sniper.

    Then secondary/expanded party:
    Mizuiro as front line swishy-sneaky-tracker/sneak attack damage dealer.

    Keigo as rear line arcane bombardment. (When All You Have is a Hammer…)

    And Tatsuki. Front line. Tank. Hard hitter with her fists, and give her a chance to break through enemy lines and she can start doing some real damage to enemy spellcasters so the bad guys can’t get their own Bombardment/Healers going…

    Eight is large party. But this one looks reasonably /terrifying/.

    Also was that something I just caught about Tatsuki occasionally displaying Berserker rage? Because while alignment restrictions normally forbid it, the fact is that few things on the front-line are quite as scary as a bare-knuckle wrecker with Barbarian Rage and durability.

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    1. There apparently have been games that ran upwards of nine players, plus hirelings.

      Tatsuki probably needs answers very soon. Karin and Yuzu are going to want theirs after school. As are Ichigo et al from Kisuke. Ochi is curious.

      Tomorrow is the Learning Experience (From ????). Karin and Yuzu may be going due to teachers in common. I’m not sure Rukia will be back in time.

      ~Check your head space, stab a hollow in the face,
      all I wanna see are Ban-Kai, Ban-Kai, Ban-Kai~


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  4. Honestly I like this twist. I mean normally in stories, powerups (mystical or otherwise) help the character or are desired in some manner. Here this so-called gift has completely destroyed Tatasuki’s future and now her friends have to live with the fact that they are likely the cause of her getting magic.

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      1. Do you think it will help their case that it was unintentional?

        It’s not like Ichigo knew that his magic would have that effect on the people around him as {1} most of his life, he didn’t even know about it, and {2} if like in canon, no one bothered to explain that uncontrolled spirit power (shadow magic in this case) can have effects on those around the person until people started showing said effects. At least I don’t think anyone mentioned that possibility to Ichigo prior to Orihime and Chad displaying powers.

        Considering how that kind power might attract Hollows to him, you’d think control would be one of the things Rukia would be trying to beat into his head. And considering the danger it poses to his family, he’d take that bit of training very seriously. It’d be one thing if they were trying and it just wasn’t working.

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    1. >Which means they seriously need to fix this, if they can; or at least give her alternatives!>

      Hopefully some of those alternatives won’t trigger a berserk fury.
      >Like Tatsuki; she doesn’t want to be heroic, she just wants to be a good magehunter with the Watch someday, and make sure what wizards did to her relatives never happens to anybody else>
      -Looks at canon Shinigami capabilities which include memory modification which they liberally use-
      I really hope that whatever happened to her relatives wasn’t mental based or things might get messy.

      Try and inform the former trainee-Magehunter that she now has abilities very similar to the people she was training to hunt down and it’s your fault she has them. Yeah that would go over real well.

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      1. Yeah. Given that the Mindflayers already have a narrative presence, why would mind destroyers specifically get her oriented against magic users? (Are mage hunters specific to Arcane magic?) Plus, mind damage can be subtle. (Don’t get me wrong, the experience can still be traumatic.) Tatsuki somehow feels like she saw something obvious happen quickly, not a slower period of discovery and gradually crushed hopes.

        Thinking about Arcane spell lists, and assuming that mind control and sacrifice are more the niches of psionic and divine casters, maximum narrative suffering suggests unethical non-consensual experimentation using polymorph.

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