Ghost Touch 3 bit – Sort of a Friend

“Magic?” Keigo almost piled on top of her; realized at the last second just who he was about to fondle, and fell into an ungraceful heap on the roof rather than risk certain death. “What? When? How? What can you do?”

Tatsuki’s shoulders slumped. “I see ghosts. Ghosts nobody else sees.” She frowned. “And this really weird stuck-up idiot in black with poofy hair, who acts like nobody should be able to see him.”

“On the rooftops?” Mizuiro helped Keigo wobble back up to sitting. “You’ve seen him too?”

“Freaky black outfit that belongs in a museum, goes after these funky-looking creatures with bone masks?” Keigo added. “I though he was with one of the illusion-play companies! The way those creepy things he hits always dissolve….”

“Antique outfit?” Ishida said dryly. “Shadow-bladed sword? Moves like a blur sometimes, so you think he’s an illusion too?”

“Kurumadani,” Ichigo groaned into his hand.

“Yeah, that’s what he said the last time he boasted to one of the ghosts about killing one of those things- how did you know that?” Tatsuki gripped Ichigo’s uniform collar, eyes narrowed, all but spitting sparks. And widening, as her fistful of cloth jerked open his neckline enough to reveal starry black caught in silver. “What is that? It feels – tingly.” She glanced over the other ryoka. “You all have one.” She squinted at the badge looped on Ichigo’s belt. “But you’re the only one with the weird amulet.”

“Jewelry?” Keigo snickered. “I might have guessed the four-eyed wonder over there would swing that way, Ichigo, but you-”

Before either of them could punch him, Chad picked Keigo up by the collar. And let him dangle. “They were gifts. From a friend.” He paused a long moment, considering that. “…Sort of a friend.”


10 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit – Sort of a Friend

  1. Yeah, neither Urahara or Ukitake can really qualify as a friend . . . Not hostile or at least not-unfriendly for the most part.

    Not saying Ukitake is a bad guy but he is a Captain. This means that sometimes he cannot be your friend.

    And Urahara doesn’t always think beyond science!

    Well, to get through it before lunch ends, they will probably have to give them the short, Cliffsnotes version. But at least Tatsuki is going to want the long explanation since it involves Orihime. Plus given what just happened to Ishida, Ichigo needs to tell Orihime and Chad some things and I don’t know if he has had the chance yet . . .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But it will be so fun!

        I wonder if miss Ochi is nearby (Invisibility is such a useful spell). Or if she bugged one if her students. I mean, that might be cheating… Ooor it might be fair tactics. Always so hard to tell with Bards…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ichigo has GOT to get that shinigaminess under control quick! Or rabid powered lesbians and Keigo will be the Least of his problems!


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