Whispers of Fire Ch 10 up on AO3

Whispers of Fire Chapter 10, “That One Boss” is up on Archive of Our Own.


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch 10 up on AO3

  1. Kou has cornered Alibaba…Are we going to see all the explody things all at once? What did Alibaba do to/near Zname to cause that reaction?Did it involve tightly packed flour dust by any chance?


      1. NP. I can be patient and hope. You write such good stories. I am grateful for any of them. I hope you get RL to back off soon. I even have a whip and chair I can loan you….effective as long as RL issues aren’t dragon sized.

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  2. >Bodice on fire, Kougyoku shrieked in outrage.>
    I has a suspicion that people are going to be ribbing Alibaba about that stunt when everything’s blown over.


      1. Probably something that will make Alibaba’s face go as red as Morgiana’s hair simply because of the sheer frank, bluntness of it. Something like “Cool! Did you see her boobs? What were they like?”

        And true or not, I have the feeling the “It’s not nice to tease virgins” line is going to come up somewhere. Which will make Alibaba even more embarrassed.


      2. Sinbad would probably ask why Alibaba stopped with just the outer layer of her robes instead of burning off every bit of clothing on her upper body.
        After all it would A: provide a wonderful view and B: pretty much take her out of the fight from sheer mortification.

        Somewhere during this explanation at least one of his generals will thump him on the head.

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      3. *Snrk* Alibaba would be bright red – stammering about he was just trying to distract her, of course he wouldn’t burn it all off, that’d be dangerous!

        (Especially to him, and he knows it. Having your dress ruined is one thing. Full frontal nudity? Kougyoku would kill everyone.)

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  3. I love your works, but I hate that I cannot read your stuff on heavy painkillers. I got 12 stitches in my right knee Friday (fell at work and cut it nearly to the bone) and this weekend would have been perfect to re-read all you have of Whispers of Fire, but narcotics + you = some very neat dreams and possibly hallucinations, but shit reading comprehension.

    I’ll have to work on catching up this week now that I can hobble around on Advil and less-awesome painkillers. *is rather excited about both the new chapter and the ability to hobble without major pain*


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