Ghost Touch 3 bit – Rescuing Dragons

“Okay, okay!” Keigo’s feet paddled air. “Just a joke, take ten years off my life, sheesh….”

“You shouldn’t worry about Kurumadani, Tatsuki,” Orihime said earnestly, as Chad set a grumbling Keigo down. “He’s probably just the shinigami assigned here to take over Rukia and Ichigo’s Hollow patrol while we were in Tsukikage. Right, Ichigo?”

“Orihime!” Ishida hissed, taken aback.

“But we have to tell her! Or Tatsuki will go ask him, and he’ll think she’s some kind of violation of the ‘don’t tell Earth natives about shinigami’ law, and they’ll send somebody to execute her, and we’ll have to fight them all over again! Though I don’t think Captain Kuchiki would want to fight Ichigo again,” Orihime said thoughtfully. “But Captain Zaraki probably would, and he’d bring Yachiru, and she’d break into all the candy stores, and the Watch would be running around like squirrels trying to catch this little pink blur they couldn’t see, and there’d be no chocolate in all of Karakura because some evil criminal mastermind would pile it all on a barge to lure her into his wicked minions’ grasp with, only the dragons would grab them all and swoop them up to the citadel of the gold emperor’s clan in the clouds, and Zaraki would stop fighting with us so we could all go rescue her!”

“What’s scary,” Ishida commented into the stunned silence, “is that at least half of that could actually happen.”

Mizuiro blinked. “Which half?”

“Given what I’ve seen? We’d have to rescue the dragons from Yachiru.”


19 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit – Rescuing Dragons

  1. I now have this mental image of Zaraki and co. busting in to save the dragons — only to find Yachiru up to her pink hair in a tea party. And, ‘natch, Zaraki and co. gets dragged/blackmailed/”talked” into joining them.

    …brb, need to go fix my broken brain.

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  2. Yeah, you probably would have to rescue the dragons . . . through she can probably talk Zaraki into letting her keep just one for a pet . . . anyone else involved in that mess, if the Commander-General or Other Authority asks, will swear that they don’t know anything about this or any of these people. No sir, never seen any of them before in my life.

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  3. Y’know, Orihime’s wild delusions sound a lot less so, in a fantasy setting, but this scenario still (I presume) has things like actuaries and office workers, so you can’t really run them in the other direction to make them strange again.


    1. Gary Gygax was an actuary.

      D&D has rich tradition of ripping off all flavors of sci fi, fantasy, horror et cetera.

      Including Alice In Wonderland, which has some relevance to tea parties. The limits are author’s taste, and their estimation of reader tolerance.

      Lot’s of dragon based undead, and or a tea party are both legitimate possibilities.

      (Says the idjit whose current major bunny involves a cast of twenty from five series, setting elements from about as many more, and trying to simplify the thing into something that can actually be written. It is possible that I am simply full of crap.)

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  4. I find the idea that Yachiru could terrorize a whole bunch of D&D dragons all by herself to be a bit iffy. Yes Shinigami are nasty customers but those dragons aren’t just oversized flying lizards that have breath weapons. By the time they hit the adult age category and up, not only are they pretty nasty combatants with centuries of experience, they are also very potent magic users.

    The funny thing is from some Forgotten Realms etc depictions, dragons are an r-selection species. They can lay large clutches of eggs but between greedy adventurers, natural hazards, monsters, wizards after components etc only a couple will survive to adulthood where they are big and strong enough to fend off nearly all of the threats that might go after them.

    The thing I’ve often noticed in fiction is that dragons tend to be used in much the same way Bloodthirster Daemons are in 40k stories. The only purpose they have is to cement the sheer badassery of the character because he manages to kill them.

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    1. Well, we can always suppose that this Ishida overrates those senior Shinigami who he now only has experience with while he has lost his powers. Plus, there’s a canon case that Zaraki should be considered stronger than Yamamoto, who is still pretty scary.


    2. Combination of He’s exagratting but not by much for some shinigami. And in some cases, not at all. It depends on which Shinigami you are talking about.

      And outclassed or not, Zaraki would think fighting a dragon to be great fun. Remember he likes getting into life and death fights with things can possibly kill him.


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