Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Waking up

Breaking out of Balbadd’s royal palace was a lot harder than Alibaba had made it look.

…Sure, it’d taken Alibaba three years to get back to the slums, Cassim knew. But the blond had been a kid, and maybe a little stupid, and definitely not as good with bribes as a skilled Fog Troupe thief. Of course it would have taken him a while to figure things out. But Cassim was older, wiser, and a lot more willing to hit someone over the head. Whether he left them breathing or not. It had to be easier for him to get out.

So far, though, he’d barely gotten out of Judar’s suite. And counted himself lucky to have done that. This place was creepy.

Guards all over the place, Cassim thought darkly, trying to lurk in a shadow of the Kou delegation’s rooms. Servants all over the place. And you can’t throw a brick without hitting a noble.

And Judar was a noble, even if he snickered about leaving King Abhmad as a grease spot for Kougyoku’s Djinn to wash away. He had that same casual arrogance, that assumption all the world was going to go his way, that Cassim had seen in the worst of them. Granted, for now all that power seemed to be on his side, but Cassim had seen people like Judar switch allegiances whenever the wind blew. So long as Judar thought he was an asset to Princess Kougyoku, the crazy magi would help. If he happened to stray over that line… bam.

Worst of it was, he might actually owe the magi a favor, assuming Judar was telling the truth about the Fogblades. Alibaba was an idealistic idiot, but he didn’t want to kill the kid.

Only when he’d had the Fogblade on him, he’d come a little too close to doing just that, too many times.


10 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Waking up

  1. Well, that’s a decent change. Cassim is *admitting* if only to himself that he doesn’t want Alibaba dead. And starting to acknowledge how hard it was for Alibaba to get out. Growth! And Cassim is very open to the realities of his position, and is wisely making a break for the edge of Dodge. Too bad I don’t think he’ll make it.

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  2. Alibaba probably did have a harder breaking out than Cassim since he has more morals than Cassim does. But he might be less likely to get caught doing it since Alibaba probably took the time to carefully plan his initial escape – learning detail stuff that is only possible by spending time observing and sometimes carefully talking to people like the servants . . . .

    And while I’m happy to see that at least some of the idiot ball has been removed, Cassim is still in need for some cognitive re-calibration since he is still being a massive hypocrite. For example, you cannot call people out for having loyalties that switch with the breeze, dumping people as soon as they aren’t useful to you or do something you don’t like, when you yourself do exactly the same thing.

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    1. Though, given Cassim’s comment about the Fog Blade, I’m left wondering if anywhere from fifty to ninety percent of Cassim’s “switch whims on a breeze” was his own screwed up head — and let’s face it, with his back story a screwed up head is a given — or…

      Or if it was the Fog Blade.

      Given what happened in cannon, and how //easily// it happened, too, with just a suggestion of “You’ll get more power if you do this suicidal stupid thing!” being enough of a catalyst to get Cassim to do it… Yeah. I’m betting even odds the Fog Blades and their ilk cause a breakdown in sanity. And I mean that literally.

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