Ghost Touch 3 bit -Starting to Explain

“Hey! Yachiru’s nice,” Orihime said indignantly.

“If you’re not between her and her Ken-chan, maybe….”

“Orihime’s right.” Chad looked at Ichigo. “We should tell them.”

Because if they were seeing quiet ghosts, and Hollows, and shinigami – sooner or later, the Hollows would see them as prey. Damn it. Ichigo sighed, and bit into his lunch. “This is gonna take a lot longer to explain than one free period.”

“Try,” Tatsuki said flatly.

“Okay.” Ichigo let out a resigned breath. “This all started the night I first ran into Rukia – do you guys remember Rukia?”

Three nods. “But no one else does,” Mizuiro observed, startled. “Even Miss Ochi. She should have noticed Rukia was missing. Even if she is a transfer student-” He stopped. “But she isn’t, is she?”

Ishida nudged up his glasses. “Apparently, you’ve picked up enough shadow magic to be resistant to the memory alteration spells.”

“Shadow magic?” Keigo scratched his head. “That doesn’t make sense. How can illusions make you resistant to mind-altering magic?”

“Not illusions.” Ishida fixed him with a cool look. “Shadow magic is real. More real than any sorcery you’ve ever touched. You’ve heard the creation myths. How the gods named darkness, and light; life, and death?” A slight twist of a smile. “What do you think came before?

Ichigo waved a hand to distract Keigo before the apprentice sorcerer could introduce Ishida to the reality of a mini magic missile. “Anyway. She thought she was invisible. But I saw her. She tried to put a binding spell on me. I broke it. Things kind of snowballed from there….”


20 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 bit -Starting to Explain

  1. That’s putting it mildly.

    And yeah, not telling someone about things that aren’t their problem is one thing. Not telling someone about things that are certainly their problem is something else.

    Besides narrative convenience and not wanting to do big info dumps on the reader, was another reason Rukia only seem to tell Ichigo things when they came up?

    To start off with, I think it was because she thought the situation was temporary. A couple of days, maybe a week or two, she’d have her powers back, he’d lose his borrowed powers, and both of them could go back to their normal lives. Therefore, she only told him what he needed to know right then and there.

    There might have been a subconscious element of her kinda of expecting him to already know stuff because he is a Shinigami. She understands that logically he doesn’t but still. How many Shinigami does she know that didn’t go through the Academy? Probably also doesn’t help that aside from orange hair and brown eyes, he looks a lot like Kaien.

    Part of her tangle later might have been the knowledge that without his own shinigami powers (probably impossible and almost certainly illegal) or a permanent guard (which no one would authorize and Ichigo probably wouldn’t tolerate for himself), Ichigo’s days were numbered. A Hollow was going to get him. Along with his sisters. And darn it, she likes him and the rest of that crazy family. And she was so tired of burying the people she cared about.

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    1. She is many years older than him. Very likely she learned ‘How to Shinigami’ over a much longer time than she has to present the material to him.

      Compare attempting to summarize Bleach’s last two (of three) arcs with someone reading it.

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      1. Never saying anything outright and letting people take years to figure out what you tried to explain may well be far saner for Shinigami than it would be for humans, given the difference in lifespan. I’ve got to wonder if Urahara is actually reasonable in comparison with their social norms. Or if, given his intelligence background, he wanted to wait a few more years before reading folks in on some of the things they didn’t have an immediate need to now.

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    2. I think not wanting to bury more people was definitely a large part of Rukia’s decisions. Not to mention being way over her head, given the power level of the Hollows showing up in Karakura while she had almost no power.

      …Ishida using the Hollow-bait will never not be a facepalm-worthy decision. Argh.

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      1. Agenda
        Sado might do as Chair, and Mizuiro as Secretary*. Kurosaki, Inoue, Ishida, Sado, Mizuiro, Arisawa, and Asano gather after school, grab the Kurosaki twins, and go to the store. They buy snacks, and talk one of the employees into letting them use the special training space.

        Ichigo will present an overview of events in Karakura before the invasion of Tsukikage.

        Next is a practical demonstration. Showing off the amulets and crud.

        Then Inoue, Ishida, and Sado try to explain what happened in Tsukikage, while Kurosaki tries to hunt down Urahara and make him help if he hasn’t helpfully interjected. Tsukabishi and Shihoin might be helpful, except that the one knows how to shut up, and the other how to dissemble.

        That said, some of the Tsukikage invasion isn’t really for Yuzu and Karin’s ears, and my bunnies are arguing the merits of Q&A and drinking sessions**. I’ve either been taking too many or not enough minutes if my bunnies are thinking in terms of agendas.

        *Decent chance the setting does not have standardized rules of order in wide practice.
        **US laws stem from US history, hence are not applicable. Japanese laws might be driven by US influence post WWII, hence same. Plus Eberron’s sanitation history might be such that small beer is widely acceptable for minors. Plus, Urahara’s shop might not card Ichigo.

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    1. >They need to work out their tactics on how they’re going to tenderize – er, talk Urahara into being helpful. Right….>
      Step 1: Drop an anti-magic field on his head and then jump him with blessed cold iron/silver/insert-every-other-anti-magical-creature-metal-here manacles so he can’t get away.

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      1. I’m a bit rusty on D&D but wouldn’t the manacled hands limit/hinder spell casting and the anti-magic field also work on psionics along with other abilities?

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  2. As for the beer thing, Eberron is noteworthy fro having magic almost everywhere. One of the Marked Houses has “Purify Food and Water” on their Mark. Between that spell and normal casters have Prestiditation, I’ve always pictured Eberron a slightly cleaner than Early industrial revolution.

    At least on the street level. I remember somewhere reading about issues in a waste dump of reactive potion ingredients.


      1. It’s one thing to clean up toxic waste, it’s another when toxic waste *fights back*.

        Are you using unlimited cantrips or 0-level spell cantrips?

        Even the first could be pretty world changing, but even if one person in a thousand knew even a single unlimited cantrip….Prestidigitation at will could easily be world changing if done by enough people.


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