Ghost Touch Ch 1 up on AO3

Ghost Touch chapter 1, Rooftop Escapes, is up on Archive of Our Own.

Currently the story as a whole is still incomplete, but since people asked, I’ll post as much as I’ve got. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Ghost Touch Ch 1 up on AO3

  1. Awesome, thank you!

    I think I like your explanation for the Quincy massacre better than canon – It’s a more immediate and…resonant?… reason to commit genocide than just “puts the universe out of balance.”

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    1. But canon’s true reason for the massacre, closely held, is that the Soul King had soul society created to serve his interests, and the Quincy King created the Quincy, and is entirely willing to use them up as weapons against soul society and the Soul King. (Soken was a rebel against the Quincy King, didn’t tell Uryuu, but Ryuuken apparently knew.)

      Given Shinigami secrecy, it makes sense that they would use a small part of the matter as a cover story. An ambitious Shinigami might want to defect if he knew there was power to be gained. Rukia didn’t have any need to know prior to being on Earth.


      1. In hindsight, I think I was full of crud on the cover story angle. Really full of crud. The wars with the Quincy before 200 years ago should have been well attested. The wars prior to a thousand years ago, when the Quincy King temporarily died, could’ve been possible to cover up.

        Mea culpa.


      2. Iiii…. Didn’t read that far and Netflix only has the first 60 episodes plus some of the movies.

        Sounds an awful lot like retcon from an author who’s been writing the same story for too long.

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      3. Fifteen years is possibly too long, yes.

        The reasons I why I claim foreshadowing are that 1) Masaki’s treatment in volume one, for the intended audience*, matches the revelations about her and Isshin in what the wiki calls act three 2) Early in act one, Kubo drew a picture of Shinji, a major character in act two.

        I think the ending must’ve been planned, to some degree, and that the bizarreness of the Fullbring arc must be the result of pursuing that plan.

        The ending has Uryuu admit to friendship, I think that must’ve been one of goal Kubo set for ending the story, part of the mechanism for that is ‘the Quincy were mostly evil all along’, and so I suspect that might’ve been the original plan.

        Was Aizen an “I do not have an ending” improvisation or planned from the beginning of the Soul Society arc? Was the Soul Society arc intended as a possibility when Bleach first started? Was Isshin always a forcibly retired Captain? There are cases either way.

        I think the manga should be definitive. My knowledge of the manga is incomplete. I’ve badly impeached my judgement several times here** when it comes to what really happened and what the manga means.

        We can be sure I don’t know if the Quincy war stuff was good art or not.

        I think Bleach ended because it wasn’t being managed well enough to grow or maintain enough audience. I suspect part of that is pacing.

        *Okay, maybe it is just my own damage, but I don’t think a husband’s enthusiasm for his wife is necessarily something a ten year old boy would comprehend.

        **I recently re read the bits of ghost touch posted here.


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