Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Guessing Right

If he was right, they’d get everything they needed to lay their case in front of other nations. If he was wrong….

Please let me be right.

Alibaba hoped he was. He and Jahan and every merchant Alibaba had been able to talk to, and Cassim when he felt like it – all of them had been tracking down information on the Banker ever since Alibaba had learned how Balbadd was tangled in a Kou Empire web. It’d taken weeks to get a clue about this place, and almost a month more to confirm it – but this was it. All the showy stuff, the dealings with Abhmad and other nobles that took place outside the palace? They happened in the mansion uptown. But when the Banker didn’t want to be seen? He was here.

This is where the nobles never come. Anything secret has to be here.

Alibaba dodged out of the way of steel talons and someone’s flying fist, almost tripping over a bit of stray roof-tile dotting the floor of this lethal dove-cote. Top floor, there’s a ladder down…. Where are the servants?

Official residence or not, anyone with the Banker’s access to the royal court had to have servants. It was a matter of prestige. Wealth. Enough labor to keep a rich mansion polished and sparkling.

Granted, if Alibaba had been a servant in this house he wouldn’t have wanted to come anywhere near these not-so-innocent messenger birds. But there was no way servants could have missed the noise.

So hiding, heading this way, running for the guards

Or – worst of all – heading for the Banker’s account books. “Morgiana!”

She dropped down the opening like it was nothing; Alibaba followed, gripping the rails and sliding down as he would a ship’s ladder.


Okay, he could already identify the sound of Morgiana’s foot breaking some poor bastard’s jaw. The redhead was terrifying and on his side and it was awesome.

Which of course was when two of the servants she hadn’t jumped yet tried to jump him, eyes blind and white.


11 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Guessing Right

  1. Go Morgiana!

    And yeah, even without the general prestige angle, no way in heck a guy like the Banker was doing his own housekeeping. Not even in his secret residence. Why do all that hard work when you have mind-control spells and whole bunch of other nasty magic to make sure said servants can’t tell anyone what they have seen, heard, etc.

    Fingers crossed for at least the getting the information needed to present their case to the other nations part of this operation working out. Because certain people haven’t a good solid monkey wrench thrown into their gears in nearly long enough.

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  2. And of course to servants of a major Al Thamen agent are more Al Thamen puppets, because who needs things like free will, the ability to go against their masters, and the possibility of messing up Al Thamen’s plans. the shear un-suprise is astounding.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Mine too.

        Because if there is a completely (insert favorite swear word here) to the people subjected to it way to accomplish something, Al-Thamen will find all of those ways, combine them where possible, and garnish it all with another dusting of cruelty just because they can.

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