Zpoc Practice update: Still Crazy

Yep, still at it. I think I’ve gone through about 80% of everything at least once. That last 20% is always the hardest….

As in any case of decluttering, you run across all kinds of things that make you want to facepalm, as in “Why is this even still here?” Wrecked pieces of clothing, catalogs from 1999, I’ll spare you the gorier details. Suffice it to say you have to attack that last hard-core 20% a bit at a time, because otherwise you will run screaming off into the night, possibly never to be seen again.

…Granted, that might be sane during the zombie apocalypse, but prior to? Not so much.

I did find a particularly useful tidbit of advice recently, though. “If it makes you upset, angry, or distressed, get rid of it.”

You’d think this would be obvious. It isn’t. A lot of problems in organizing and paring down to essentials aren’t with things, they’re with our emotional attachment to things. Or as someone else put it about an argument over inheritances, “the Ming vase becomes the totem of who X parent loved most”.

That itself is a shame, but the fact is that negative emotional ties can be just as draining. You look at a book, an article of clothing, a knickknack, and you remember that whole emotional tangle that goes with it – and you shove it back out of sight rather than deal with all that again.

Which means it stays there, cluttering up your life and your emotions. Just waiting to unleash another round of bad feelings the next time you stumble on it. Enough already! Find the things that make you go ugh, and drop them like a hot rock.

After all, if the zpoc hits, we’re going to have all kinds of emotional strain going on, and the last thing we need is one more straw on the camel’s back. So I plan to clear out stuff that I don’t need and hate the associated memories of.

…Which should neatly leave more room for all those survival books. I still want to try eating green linden leaf flour….


11 thoughts on “Zpoc Practice update: Still Crazy

  1. Linden leaf tea is a sleep aid, so you might want to reconsider the linden leaf flour in that light….

    Also, it is in the same family as a lot of stuff, so if you are allergic/sensitive to roses you will get unfun linden effects too. But otherwise it sounds tasty.


      1. …well that is a given. You are an author. You give the voices in your head a medium of communicating. Still just because you are crazy doesn’t mean they can’t help. Or you could just tell them the ZPOC is your way of justifying something you know you need in a way that actually interests you. Or is that too blunt…?


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