Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – At Home

Masrur shook off steel-edged feathers, wrinkling his nose at the bite of acid in the air as Hassan’s Fogblade dissolved some of their last attackers. The Fog Troupe wasn’t willing to risk both their lieutenants, and they’d known this would be close quarters, so Zainab had stayed behind to coordinate the Vessel-search. He almost wished she hadn’t. These weren’t the toughest Dungeon creatures he’d ever met, but they were dangerous enough; and making sure Sinbad kept himself in one piece was a lot easier with one more sane and canny person to help.

Right now Sinbad was cleaning his own battered sword with a rag and a grin. “Good. The way our luck’s been running, I was sure the Banker would be-”

A Fanalis’ scream rent the air; vibrating and lethally angry.

“-Home,” Sinbad said without missing a beat. “Ah. And he is.”

Masrur jumped down the ladder, trusting Sinbad would follow. His own curiosity would make sure of that.

“Not too fast,” Sinbad said, racing on his heels.

Not too fast? Granted he didn’t know much about his own people, but even a youngster like Morgiana wouldn’t scream without good cause-

Yet Sinbad’s hand was on his shoulder as they came in view of flickering flames, holding him back to watch Alibaba raise fire and magic against a dark-writhing door. “What a Metal Vessel User needs most is resolve.”


18 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – At Home

      1. …is that even a question? He is an ADVENTURER. So obviously he goes around stealing the peasants life savings, smashing pots to find gems, and if he is feeling really dashing (read dastardly) sneaks up behind them and steals their clothes off their backs. If you need more explanatiom youtube Rpg heroes are jerks.

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  1. Least anyone forget that Sinbad is of the Urahara school of learning your superpowers. Meaning here is your weapon, that’s a monster, have fun and try not to die.

    Through he is right that Alibaba needs resolve and there is only some many ways to get him to find it. None of them are 100% safe. Especially since Alibaba is clearly one of those who might not find his resolve for himself but he might find it for others (because is another of the list with a saving people thing – through it should be noted that Sinbad does too. Most of the Kings do albeit in different styles and for different reasons so It’s probably a King thing.)

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    1. Not your fault, but that whole ‘saving people thing’ line and the scene it comes from, is one of the most infuriating (expletive removed do to site’s profanity filter) in HP.

      The whole ‘saving people thing’ is not letting his friends or family members die when people he hates are trying to kill them, when any people in authority in the wizarding world are completely useless as far as we ever see in the story.

      I can literally not remember anyone in law enforcement that is known to have stopped a Death Eater without the help of civilians.

      the wizarding world is big on the bystander effect, they wanted a kid not even out of school to stop their civil war, instead of doing it themselves. I could see the strong bystander effect being a side effect of the masquerade, if helping people with your powers is a crime, then looking the other way can easily become habit.

      I mean Hermione was complaining in that scene that Harry is not letting his friends or family members get killed if he can stop it, like it was a bad thing, a mental illness if you will.
      and the cherry on top, making it all extra insane, if it wasn’t for Harry’s saving people thing SHE WOULD HAVE DIED! Because no one else cared! Not the other student, not the teachers, no one would have come for her if not for his ‘saving people thing’.

      It wasn’t really until the last book where everyone was turned into complete morons that the ‘saving people thing’ turned into a mental disorder, before that the people he saved was also his friends.

      again not your fault, but that scene has been bugging me for awhile


      1. Oh I agree with you that scene was messed up and the HP is seriously messed up. This might be the reason why I like reading fics where Harry or anyone tells them off for all of their BS and/or tells them to screw themselves he is done cleaning up their mess. Or it is an alternate universe where things make a little bit more sense or feature such strange creatures such as adults who actually adult. O.O

        I’ve actually been looking for a better way to word it for those people with a protective streak who do everything in their power to protect those they love so if you have any suggestions . . .


      2. Maybe a Savior Complex? Or a Proactive Samaritan?

        Calling it a ‘saving people thing’ make it sound like a Dalek trying to be polite while complaining about human emotions, or like saying that Naruto has an anger problem

        Harry wasn’t that bad compared to other heroes that insist on saving mass murders from themselves. or not at least until the 7th book, where ‘everyman’ Harry becomes Jesus, and saved Draco from not-at-all-hell-fire

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