Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Banked

“A fire Djinn!” The Banker grinned, wide and too white to be real, circling around as Morgiana leapt to Alibaba’s side. “And we were sure Merhdad’s power was Light. Who ever heard of a Djinn of Fire putting flames out…?

They knew-? Blade in hand, Alibaba flinched back. This isn’t just a trap for Sinbad!

From the bookshelves, darkness exploded.

Without Morgiana, he’d have been snared in an instant. As it was he couldn’t think, just slice and stab and call fire to lick over any tendril that threatened to drag her down-

The Seal on black metal shimmered, fire fading back to a simple knife.

A deep, too-hearty chuckle, as darkness whipped around helpless steel. “Oh my, now we’ve got-”


Alibaba dropped to his knees, gasping; still feeling the chill that had radiated from black bindings. Morgiana was shaking beside him, as if she’d been left out in desert frost.

Sinbad drove his blade deeper into the Banker’s white robes, a golden heat-shimmer swirling about steel; teeth bared in a snarl as no blood bloomed. “If there’s one thing I’ve always hated about your kind, it’s that you can’t leave innocents alone.”


8 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Banked

  1. See, Al-Thamen, this is why Sinbad has been a perpetual thorn. You keep thinking you can ignore him because you know his style or what he is up to or he doesn’t have this Djinn at the moment – the list goes on.

    Actually, that’s why most of their opponents get the jump on them. Because they stop paying attention after a certain point. Because they think they know everything they need to know and they get cocky.

    Evil always wins because evil doesn’t have rules and besides they cheat. Good still beats them because while they have rules, they still cheat and they cheat smarter.

    And yeah, just because they have a trap for Sinbad doesn’t mean they won’t also set up a trap for you. You have a pain in their side for a while now. It was going to happen.

    Of course they were using puppets and innocents. Why actually put yourself in danger for your crazy pants plan when you can make other people do it for you? Especially since they obviously believe they have the right to use such people. After all, other people don’t matter as much as them . . . or aren’t really people because the only real person is themselves.

    Sinbad hates them and he has good reason to hate them.

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  2. …you get used to seeing the german shepherd playing like he is a puppy. Then you take his tiny human that he just started to raise and try to kill it. Next thing you know your next selfie would show your esophagus.


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