Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Change of Plans

Inconvenient, Ithnan thought coldly, gathering up most of the Banker’s dark power before it could flee. He’d planned to do no less himself, of course – but only after the Kou Empire had Balbadd tight in its grip, so the uprising he would spark with the Fog Troupe would cause the most fear and confusion. Between a howling mob and the Banker’s black rukh, he’d have more than enough power to craft a Dark Djinn. And that… would allow many possibilities.

Taking Sinbad into our darkness. Taking whoever of the royal family survives the slaughter – if any do. Shattering any will to resist the Kou Empire’s plans, and so ours. Sinking Balbadd into hate and despair that would swell into the pit of black rukh we need….

Whoever that Metal Vessel User was, their timing is very annoying.

It had to be a King Candidate. No lesser power could cut through the protections on their mannequin bodies. Meaning Sinbad, or….

Merhdad. Ithnan frowned, staring toward the Banker’s lair. It could be Merhdad.

They knew the smugglers had some sort of magic, after all. Rumors of uncanny darkness alone would have told them that, even if Ithnan hadn’t picked up the traces of Cassim’s Fogblade being used against a cleaner, more ancient power. Merhdad’s weapon could have just been a Magic Tool, of course – but no mere Magic Tool should have shattered that enchanted shell.

And it just doesn’t feel right for Sinbad.

There’d been no triumphant fountain of light as Sinbad cut down another dark magician; no blaze of familiar magoi from his known seven Djinn. Just a scattering of bright sparks in the rukh, like a stirred-up fire-

Reflex made Ithnan draw the breath his body didn’t need. Fire. I know that rukh!

Amon. Of all Djinn, how had Merhdad seized Amon?


10 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Change of Plans

  1. Drat! Well, he had to figure out eventually. Ithnan is as annoyingly intelligent in some ways as he is stupid in other ways.

    Through if he really wants an headache, wait until he sees what Judar has been or (judging from writer hints) will be up to. Well, I guess that is what Al-Thamen gets for trying to assert control of a Magi – the rukh was bound to pay them back for that at some point. With dividends. It is particularly amusing since Judar is simply being himself.

    Side thought: If I was Ithnan’s brother in a setting with ghosts or similar, I’d be haunting his behind for the next little eternity for trying to destroy the world in my name. Especially when you are destroying everything that I fought and died for. Working with the people who killed me. Haunt you a lot. I get what to help a sibling. I get wanting revenge against someone who hurt them. But there are lines. And I’d haunt my brothers for crossing them.

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      1. Kind of makes me wonder: Can the those who use the black ruhk not see the white ruhk? Or I guess a better way to say it would be: Does using the black ruhk make a magician “deaf” to the white ruhk? Because if Ithnan’s brother is trying to beat some sense into Ithnan and failing, either he’s not able to do much… or Ithnan is an idiot who thinks his brother was brainwashed and is ignoring him… or Ithnan can’t hear him at all. Or all of the above?

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  2. I do like the idea that Amon is a big player in Djinn circles. It’s that look he has, you know? When you don’t get caught up in the pot belly and the long beard, and look into his (three) eyes.


    1. It’s not so much that he’s a big player, it’s more that Ithnan knows who all the Djinn are, and the fact that Amon is loose and not in Al-Thamen influenced hands is something he hadn’t planned for.

      …No big deal, just one more person he needs to corrupt….

      (Heh. Corrupt Alibaba. That… really doesn’t work.)


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