Through the Cracks Ch1 bit

A/N: Given I’ve had interest in all three unfinished fanfics, I’ll probably end up posting all of them eventually. But this one, I think I might be able to trim off the later loose ends and make it a complete story in itself, so I’ll start with Through The Cracks.

I have nothing to do with Rurouni Kenshin, concepts borrowed from Inuyasha, or Mercedes Lackey’s wonderful world of Velgarth. Only the plot bunny is mine.

:Kenshin! NOOO!:

Startled out of a blessedly sound sleep wrapped around Eldan, Kerowyn hit the floor with sword in hand. Her lover was already scrabbling for his own boots, clothes, and weapons – not necessarily in that order. Mindspeech might not carry the full emotional charge of Empathy, but there was no mistaking a Herald in pure, desperate terror.

:“Kaoru-dono!”: A young man’s voice; a flash of red cloth and flame-bright hair, carried on Kaoru’s fear. :“Hold on! You’ve got to hold on, that you do!”:

Projected terror was easing, wearing away with every gulp of air. :I’ve got to hold on… that I do….:

“Kaoru Kamiya,” Eldan identified the young woman’s voice, tossing a stray boot Kerowyn’s way. “You remember, the girl with that odd island style.”

Right; the young Mindspeaker who worked with the Haven City Guard. Good swordswoman, if unseasoned, with a defensive style that suited her well taking down the Yamato idiots she ended up dealing with. “Who’s he? A lover?”

Eldan gave her a quick grin. “Not that I know of. But that accent-”

Straight from Yamato, no question. Though it didn’t sound quite like Kyotoko or Edoko. Yanking on the bare minimum necessary to ride, Kerowyn headed out the door. :Sayvel? What’s going on?: No point in asking the girl herself, not when she was so rattled she was projecting to half the Heraldic Mindspeakers in Haven. There was a feeling of constriction in Kaoru’s Mindspeech, as if the young woman were still fighting for air. :Someone tried to strangle her?:

:Not exactly,: her Companion said grimly. :Hang on, I’m still trying to get some sense out of Megumi. Bastard had her Mindspeech locked down along with Kaoru’s, she couldn’t call for help-:

Kero broke into a run, hearing Eldan match her pace a few steps behind. “Someone blocked a Companion?

:Seems they’ve had some trouble here while we were with the Skybolts.:



21 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch1 bit

  1. I have to echo their surprise. You don’t hear of a Companion being blocked very often.

    Megumi may consider forgiving you for turning her into a magical, not a horse but certainly horse shaped creature. After appropriate penance . . .

    Through I now I have a theory about what Sanosuke is if canon pairings are going to be kept. And if so, you’re right, he is not going to forgive you for it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hmmm, on one hand: this might be a Velgarth story I actually like. Poked at the setting before but it never really grabbed me.

    On the other hand, this results in a delay to more Vathera-crafted Kirito/Asuna fluffiness. Meh, I’ll survive.
    We’ll still likely have Morgiana sitting on Alibaba at least once more to keep him from doing something too stupid again. And all the while she’s batting at the cat-toy/springy hair spike.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m already in love with this.
    Sank may not like being a companion but I think it’s pretty cool. They’re not regular horses after all and he did fine as a baby dragon.


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