Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Upside-Down

Judar was almost, almost tempted to hang upside-down from his carpet to give his would-be king an innocent look. The way the guy was currently clambering down an afternoon-shadowed balcony to drop into the midst of lethal Dungeon monsters, Cassim deserved it. “She really will like you, you know.”


Judar swooped underneath just in case Cassim let go at the wrong moment. “She only dresses up in all those silks and layers because she has to. Princess has to be proper, after all. She’d much rather be climbing up the peach trees. She finds out you’re half-monkey, she’ll be thrilled.” He shrugged. “Of course, she’ll also be asking you to get down the really good ones up near the thin branches. And you’d better share. I like peaches, too.”

Cassim’s knuckles whitened, gripping shallow niches of stone. “What are you doing here?” he hissed.

“Trying to keep you from getting killed?” Judar let his gaze slip sideways and down, to where a horde of unkillable monkeys were lounging in courtyard shade. “Unless you’ve got a Magic Tool stashed where I don’t want to search you, they’ll rip you to shreds. So what are you doing here?”

Dark eyes smoldered. “They went after my gang.”

“They did that,” Judar agreed, smiling. “Made a huge, bloody mess. And that was with the rest of your gang fighting back. The Fog Troupe’s not here. How far do you think you’re going to get?”


20 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Upside-Down

  1. You know, when Judar starts to look like the sane and reasonable one, that just means that everyone else has reached a profound amount of insanity/kingliness.
    Although I do like how he’s been the one swinging most of the cluebats at Cassim. It’s a certain sort of irony when he’s making it less likely that Cassim is going to f*ck everything up. Of course, everything is still probably going to go to shit, just in a more interesting way.

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    1. *G* Like I hinted a few posts back – throwing these two insane characters at each other actually produced some sanity. It’s amazing.

      And think about it. Who else would Cassim listen to? He’s convinced he’s one of the bad guys, so the “good guys” trying to talk to him just bounces off. Judar, though? Judar is crazy and bloodthirsty and maybe evil, Cassim doesn’t know yet. So when he says you’re being an idiot….

      Well. It does make Cassim pause to think.

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  2. Have to agree with Flyndragon that is very distrubing and more than a little scary that we (audience) and Cassim (effectively) are relying on Judar to be the sane, reasonable one pointing when you are being stupid.

    And notice Cassim that he didn’t say not to fight them ever. Just have a weapon and back-up when you do.

    In addition to being just possibly evil, another reason Judar’s cluehammers work better than when it comes from Alibaba – no history. Judar doesn’t know him from Adam.

    Also as you pointed out when the clearly crazy person tells you are being crazy and stupid, it does tend to give you pause.

    And just so you know, the talk of climbing peach trees and eating the fruit caused the following to pop in my head. about a very odd (or possibly just awesome) crossover.
    “Why me?”
    Because this was exactly what he needed. Another tree-climbing, peach-stealing monkey to deal with. At least Goku was housebroken.

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    1. The thought how Sanzo would react to all this King an Magi nonsense makes me smile. The Sanzo Ikkou and Fanalis would probably get on like a house on fire. Sam refreshingly simple outlook on probem solving.

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    2. I can see Sanzo and Cassim oddly enough. And Sanzo and Ja’far. Even Sanzo and Alibaba (he’d respond to that brightness like he responds to Goku) But Sanzo and Sinbad would…not go well. I couldn’t come up with a big enough explosion. At first, I thought the power differential is too great (hey, I remember your post on crossovers). I mean…kings can throw mountain ranges around…but the sutras created a *world*…humm. Holy crow, what the Sanzo-ikkou would do to Al-Thamen (…find evil and HUNT IT DOWN…)

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    1. … if you keep the judar cassim thing plus the goku sanzo etc crossover..
      I may just try for a permenant Mark Watney. Except i would make it big enough for animals so i could have meat and bring more than disco.


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