Ghost Touch 3 up on AO3

Chapter 3 of Ghost Touch, Magic with Class, is up on Archive of Our Own.

I hope to get back to this story sometime and show the mess that happens with the dragon carcass –  it should be flashy. But that’s probably going to take a while. Drat.


3 thoughts on “Ghost Touch 3 up on AO3

  1. I’m not going to be impatient. I am so going to send you good energy and good wishes for RL to settle down and let you write dammit. Thanks for this chapter. I love the humor.


  2. I KNOW THE FEELING!!! Work has gotten from 3-4 days/week to 5/6 overnight. Mental health break on 31st.Thank God And Jesus. Don’t kill/maim anyone and you’ll get through this.Feel free to take a week off if needed.Good luck and go with God.


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