Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Strike

“Oh, Havens,” Kerowyn groaned, pulling herself into the saddle. “Puppy love. That’s all we need.”

Sayvel’s sardonic reply was lost in a thrill of fear. The clear image of a madman’s green eyes, blue-gray hair floating in the wind. A black-clad right arm dangling limp and shattered, useless… but in the left hand, a gleam of deadly steel.

Violet eyes never looked away from Kaoru’s, though the young man’s hand moved to his odd sword on the grass. :“Stop it, Jin-e! A wakizashi and only your left arm – you’ve no chance, that you don’t! I suggest you let the Guard take you peacefully, that I do.”:

:“No.”: The madman’s voice was oddly triumphant. :“I haven’t lost yet. There’s still one thing left – that I must do!”:

And the image cut off, as Kaoru hid her gaze against Kenshin’s shoulder. But not before Kerowyn saw the gleam of steel, the bright spurt of heart’s blood.

Eldan whistled.

“Saves us the trouble,” Kerowyn said flatly. “Blessed Agnira, this is going to be a mess-

Light bloomed on the horizon.

Eldan stepped back. “Was that-”

“Final Strike. Gods!” :Elspeth!: Never mind that Elspeth and Darkwind were supposed to be heading out tomorrow for Hardorn on yet another diplomatic mission. They needed Adepts, now.

:We’re on it, Kero.: The Herald-Mage’s mind-voice was breathless as she rallied her fellow mages to handle what was no longer a mere Guard matter. :We’re lucky – I think most of it got turned in on itself somehow.:

“I don’t believe in luck,” Kerowyn swore. :Kaoru. Herald Kamiya!:

:Weaponsmaster?: Fear pulsed, steadied into practiced calm. :I’m all right. It – didn’t touch me.:

Kero arched a skeptical brow. You couldn’t lie mind to mind, but what people didn’t say could paint greater deception than a ton of lies. :And Kenshin?:

:He needs a Healer- Oh! Sanosuke!:

:Sanosuke’s taking Kenshin to Healer Ogumi Gensai’s clinic,: Sayvel relayed. :Kenshin knows him; that should let Sanosuke keep the man there until we can talk to him. Megumi says Kaoru’s all right, just shaken; she’ll stay and report to Elspeth. But Kenshin took most of the blast. He says he’s fine, but Sano doesn’t believe him.:

“Sanosuke?” Kerowyn cast a look askance as Eldan grimaced.

“Friend of Megumi’s. One of the odder Companions we’ve got on the Field,” her fellow Herald informed her. “Long story.”


26 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Strike

      1. Naruto as Murphy would explain a lot; that’s pretty much what he ends up doing to everybody else’s plans. And some of them are even okay with him messing them up as that turned out better for them in the long run…

        That is such a great head-canon…

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  1. Eeeee! That is my entire reaction to this. And the bit before it. I also love how /very suddenly/ Kaoru and Kenshin are going to be getting /everyone’s/ very official attention due to all the crazy going on that Kaoru’s broadcasting.

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      1. I don’t know what Kerowyn’s gonna find out, and I also don’t know what the typical personalities of the Heraldic Circle are – beyond one of the requirements to be a Herald being that those Chosen are /genuinely/ good people at their core. But I suspect that after everything several Circle members are /really/ gonna need a freakin’ drink.


      2. I notice we didn’t see one of the usual speeches about ‘the men who paid him to kill’. So, either different motivation for offing himself, or a different set of conspirators, which information is too sensitive for general distribution among Heralds. Either way, fun. πŸ™‚


  2. A Heralds of Valdemar and Kenshin crossover. I think I love you. I’m very tempted to offer my first born except that unless you really really love kids, it seems like cruel and unusual torture.

    Instead I will bow to the greatness of the Crossover Queen.


    1. That would definitely be cruel and unusual torture. To both sides.

      (I’ve been known to tell small children a certain scar I have is a vampire bite, so they’d better be in bed after dark, or….)

      (I’ve also been told by many, many people I should be a) a teacher, b) raising kids myself, c) obviously willing to help other family members with babysitting since I don’t have kids yet…. )

      (Somehow, saying “I would rather be eaten alive by piranhas than have that level of responsibility for supposedly innocent beings” never comes across well.)

      Glad you like it! πŸ™‚

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      1. In this AU, Inuyasha is effectively part of Yamato history. (Except for the bit about Kagome coming from the future. She was just reborn; Kaede’s old enough for that to be a viable option, given the rest of Velgarth patterns of reincarnation.)

        So yes, there are hanyou around. There are actually quite a few of them.

        …If you know the Mage Winds and Mage Storms trilogies, you can already see there’s going to be a problem….

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  3. I read this part twice at two different times of the day. Once before work, and then again after. I had read that last part wrong the first time and rushed to work with the impression that KENSHIN was a Companion. And was wondering if that meant… Battousai was the man? Or vice versa? Exchangeable? Companions who can hardlight project? Because there was the idea that Companions are essentially dead heroes from before… (Or am I remembering that wrong?)(It’s been a heck of a long time since Valdemar).
    But then if Kenshin was the Companion… Good lord. Well there have been platonic loves before. Kenshin’s pretty much a good example. Killed me that it was going to locked in for this story.

    Then I read this the second time. Ooooohh… Sano’s the Companion. And so is Megumi?! XD I can’t wait to see their human behaviour translated to equine!

    … Wait wait wait. Is Sano Kenshin’s Companion? And Meg, Kaoru’s?
    O.O I’ll wait to find out. (Not to mention, Inuyasha influences(Wait, what?))

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      1. Given we’re coming in with Jin-E and Kaoru and Kenshin not only already know each other but also Kaoru’s already been chosen by Megumi… I have to wonder how differently that first meeting went in this universe.


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