Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Ouch

“Itai. Itai. Itai!

The white mouth only clamped down harder on the tail of fiery red hair. :Yell all you want. I’m not letting go.:


:You. Are. Seeing. A Healer!:

“Sessha doesn’t need a Healer,” Himura Kenshin muttered, making his impeded way to Gensai-isha’s examining table.

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that, young man.” The gray-haired Healer smiled professionally, pulling back Himura’s bloodied red gi. “This would be easier if you took your teeth off him, Companion-”

:Sanosuke,: the white creature in the shape of a horse filled in. :And he Fetches. If I let go, he’d be gone.:

“Fetching, hmm?” Gensai Ogumi didn’t turn a hair as he started cleaning the wound in Kenshin’s shoulder. “I should have guessed. And you must be quite good at it; Ayame and Suzume said you had that little cat out of the gutter in an instant yesterday, and Kaoru says living things are the hardest to move….” Brown eyes softened at his patient’s silence. “It’s all right, Himura. This is Valdemar, not Edo. No one fears the Gifted here. Although I think you should let young Kaoru introduce you to some Heralds-”

“Gensai-sensei.” Kenshin shook his head, mindful of the large teeth gripping the ends of his hair. “Sessha doesn’t want to be noticed, that I do not.”

:A little late for that,: Sanosuke put in.

“Sessha’s heard you’re not supposed to be talking to strangers,” Kenshin muttered.

:Huh. I’ll BeSpeak who I want. Check him carefully, Healer. This idiot was ground zero at a damn blood-path mage’s Final Strike.:


10 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Ouch

  1. Good thing that many of the Heralds plus our beloved RK imports are very stubborn because they are going to need it when dealing with Kenshin. Who when so inclined main traits seem to be stubborn, bull-headed, and obstinate.

    (Thinking Hiko might be justified in embarrassing the heck out of Kenshin after having to deal with that for years . . . to a degree.)

    Through I’m pretty sure Kenshin does have a reason to be wary and its not just the implied his own country is leery of Gifted. He might be overblowing it at least a little considering he is in full this unworthy one mode. Not completely because Kenshin does not make mountains out of nothing but still . . .

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    1. Kenshin is made of stubborn. Fortunately, so is Kerowyn.

      Kerowyn was also a mercenary, and so quite familiar with people getting caught in morally gray situations where there really isn’t one power in the right. Thank goodness; most Heralds would be a bit less understanding….

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  2. Oh, Sano, don’t ever change.

    Definitely amused by the end point of this bit, because at this point I can only imagine Gensai’s amused, kindly old indulgent-of-these-well-meaning-young-idjits attitude will evaporate into stunned ‘what the what?’ very immediately.

    Also, after checking some of those keywords? I’m now terrified.

    Because Kenshin and Valdemar? Interesting. Kenshin and Valdemar /and/ Inuyasha… O.o

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  3. I bet you the healers have wanted to drag stubborn idiots by the hair to get fixed if the have to more times then they can count. They’re probably a mix of bemused and irritated that a companion actually did it. Though it really does fit Sano’s personality.

    I really looking foward to see what concepts of Inuyasha you mix in here.

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  4. …you know, I can’t watch or read about Ruroni Kenshin any more without hearing his American dub voice in my head — the dub was my first exposure to the Ruroni ‘verse. The one problem is, his voice actor has a very distinct voice… and a highly prolific carrier.

    So now whenever I think about Kenshin, my brain automatically plugs in any/all of the other characters this VA did as //being Kenshin//. Which meant my brain plugged in Piximon* being carried in by his wings by not-a-horse Sanosuke. And promptly broke.

    (Thank you for the giggles. I needed those.)

    *Picture a pink powder puff with Tinker Bell wings and an attitude.


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