Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Pink Plots

Kougyoku leaned forward in her chair, intent on Ka Kobun’s report. “Sinbad left the traveler’s inn?”

“With his entourage.” Her assistant frowned. “All two of them. What is the man thinking? If he’s truly missing his Vessels then his Household has no power of their own. Er – well, aside from the Fanalis, and that odd ability to block a Djinn’s magic….”

Kougyoku nibbled a knuckle, thinking about that. If Sinbad of Sindria could melt her Equip – Merhdad couldn’t even manage a Weapons Equip, surely the king could handle him.

…If he ever intended to keep his word in the first place.

“I don’t believe it,” Kougyoku mumbled into her hand. “He’s supposed to be… well… he wouldn’t do that to a lady!”

Maybe not to a lady. But given the growing tension between Sindria and the Kou Empire – the Emperor kept saying there would be peace, but her brothers privately admitted that was to buy enough time to build a proper navy – Sinbad might do it to the Empire’s representative. Maybe.

She raised her eyes to her assistant, who looked worried behind his facepaint. “Do you think he thinks I don’t have power, Ka Kobun?”

“Of course not, Princess! Why, you are-”

“This is serious,” Kougyoku insisted. “I’m not as clever as Koumei, we both know that. And things here are a lot more complicated than the Banker said they were.”

Ka Kobun hesitated, then gathered up his robes and sat down. “I think King Sinbad is used to being very, very powerful, Princess. I’m not sure he’s as afraid of the Kou Empire as he should be.”


6 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Pink Plots

  1. I don’t think Sinbad is as afraid of anyone as he should be, including — or should I say //especially// — Al-Thamen (spelling??). Sinbad doesn’t strike me as afraid of them. He’s angry at what they have done and can do, but afraid?


    Which I think has bit him a few times…

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  2. He might understand intellectually that Al-Thamen and the Kou Empire are threats but when was the last time that either actually managed to actually harm him?

    Al-Thamen has done things that hurt his people and that hurts him. He hates the way they treat innocent people. But perhaps they haven’t been able to be enough of a physical threat to him personally for him to view them as such. And if Al-Thamen can’t make themselves a physical threat in his mind, almost everyone else is screwed.

    Plus he has very seldom been in situations where he felt genuinely helpless and powerless.

    Still, I think the extent at which he is willing to disregard his own safety and degree of recklessness smacks of something very wrong going on in his head. Not exactly suicidal or depressed in the traditional sense but sometimes it seems like he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He’s not going to kill himself but he doesn’t really protect himself either. I don’t know. Maybe I’m seeing things or reading too much into it.

    OTOH, Kou Empire also has problem with not seeing people they really should as a threat. And a problem with seeing other people as things. And I’m one of those who thinks sin is treating other people like things.

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  3. I think Ka Kobun… is very very close to being correct. But while Alibaba tends to inspire people to believe in themselves, in Sinbad Alibaba is inspiring belief in /Alibaba/. Sinbad feels like right now, between his confidence, his general lack of fear, Alibaba, and the simple fact that Balbadd /is not Sindria/, that most things he cares about are at a safe distance. So fear… probably isn’t really part of the equation right now.


    1. Quite likely. Right now the Sindrians at risk from Al-Thamen directly are Sinbad and his two Generals. And Sinbad believes in his people.

      As for fearing the Empire… Ka Kobun probably has a hard time grasping the mindset of a guy who doesn’t really think you have to be of noble heritage to rule.

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