Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Sneaky

A shimmer of green magic swept over the room. Kougyoku grabbed for her hairpin as Ka Kobun snatched up his fan, Sound Magic could do a lot of things that weren’t harmless at all-

Quiet. It’s so quiet. Kougyoku listened to her own heartbeat, Ka Kobun’s quick breathing. We can hear inside the room, but nothing’s getting out. Why-?

“Talking Merhdad into it miiiiight be a little tricky.” Judar’s voice floated into her chambers; followed shortly after by the floating footsteps of the magi himself, and-

Kougyoku held onto her hairpin, seeing the dark-haired Balbadd ruffian who’d seemed half in charge of the whole Sinbad mess before Judar had knocked him out. “Why are you here?”

Judar gave her a bow that was… well, about as sincere as the magi was about anything. “Princess Kougyoku Ren, Cassim of the Fog Troupe. Cassim, the lady who can drown you before you say boo. And I’ve put up a silencing ward, so right now, nobody outside this room would hear her do it.” Judar blinked at her; the slow, almost lazy cat-blink that meant he’d found something so wonderfully fun, he just had to share. “Princess? We have been had. King Abhmad has been very very naughty, and as official High Priest of this mess there is no way I’m letting you trade vows with anyone that incompetent.” He frowned, tapping a finger to pursed lips. “Maybe Sabhmad. Maybe. He’s scared stiff, but he at least has guts. And brains enough to try and be sneaky. Someone even sneakier would be better… we’ll see about that.”


16 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit – Sneaky

  1. Well, that is one way to totally shish kabob the whole thing. Also, adore the fact that Judar’s objection was that Abhmad is incompetent. Quite frankly, the fact that Judar and Cassim produce sanity on both parts is slightly scary. Is this a case of two negatives canceling each other out?

    And what did Sahbmad *do*? Having Judar like you is like having a wild tiger like you. Eventually you might end up on the menu.

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    1. It’s canon that Judar actually likes the “hag”. It’s one thing to stick her with an arranged marriage, but an arranged marriage with someone too stupid to realize the Kou were looking for loopholes to exploit, and this is a big one? Not a chance!

      Sabhmad was very brave. Terrified, but brave. And still keeping his head despite being scared to death. Judar has seen a lot of terrified people, so he actually respects that.

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      1. Judar’s not the only one that respects Sabhmad’s massive Crowning Moment of Awesome.

        Sure, the scene from your earlier snippit wasn’t flashy. Was still damn cool!

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  2. I’m sure Sahbmad will be thrilled to know that he’s suddenly more interesting . . .

    Still, can’t exactly fault Judar’s reasons for not wanting her to marry Abhmad,

    Wonder what they are want to talk Merhdad into . . . might be interesting considering last I knew noboby there but Cassim is aware that Merhdad and Alibaba Saluja are the same person. Through a certain General will know the moment he lies eyes on him. Through he might already have suspicions . . .

    Of course, Judar might picked up more than the fact that Alibaba existed during that conversation with Sahbmad. He can be very perceptive at times.

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